Bangalore Hackathon May 2012/Ideas

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Mostly stolen from Chennai_Hackathon_March_2012/Ideas DICK

Content creation tools[edit]

  1. App to help people record and add pronunciations for words in their local language wiktionary from their mobile
  2. App to help people upload to commons from their smartphone
  3. An email based service where people with *any* phone can email a photo to an email address and it will end up in commons

Content discovery tools[edit]

  1. Browser extensions that show you articles you are reading in other wiki languages
  2. Interest based DYK collections, later fed into txtweb / twitter feed / other browsing tools. ( Clones of DYKIndia for Cricket, History, Science, <YourSubjectInterst / WikiProject> etc)
  3. Jigsaw puzzle based on Featured Images on Commons(or any wiki). Person who completes the puzzle gets links to pages where the images used to read about it.
  4. Slideshow of Featured pictures
  5. Wordpress, Drupal, <Insert Your CMS> widget for Featured feeds to show content from Mediawiki (Wikipedia) sites on blogs / websites.
  6. A simple text editor that supports input methods and web fonts. The output should correctly indicate the meta data of the language and possibly script. The MediaWiki Narayam and WebFonts extensions can be a point of reference.

Visualizations and Mashups[edit]

  1. Involving the Realtime Edit summaries feeds from
  2. Graph of total bytes of an article over period of time.
  3. Show protection logs of a page and duration of protection in a timeline (Instances when en:Kapil_Sibal's page gets protected - Show this on a dashboard)
  4. A TxtWeb (SMS) app for Wiktionary

Other random ideas[edit]

  1. Gadget to count the number of internal links on wiki page.
  2. Offline Dictionary based on wiktionary site
  3. Desktop wallpaper setter from featured images in commons
  4. Statistics on no of uniq words, frequency of words in indian languages
    1. words in the script of the Wiki
    2. words in another script then the script of the Wiki
  5. Easy commons upload tool with GUI
  6. Desktop Wiki publisher
  7. CD with selected commons images to share offline
  8. CD with selected wikipedia articles for offline reading
  9. Create wiki books from other sites with commons license, automatically
  10. 'sent to commons ' options for images in gnome and kde
  11. autosync folder in linux with commons