Asynchronous Wikis/Asyncwiki Working Group/March 29th 2018

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  • If Kiwix attends: check on next Kiwix-serve release. Update: current public build is probably fine for NASA.
    • Need to check on nasa linux version: Answer “We use internally the x86_64/Linux version, and we think this is stable. But, we should make additional tests for the Windows version, for example.”
  • Discuss easier zim file creation
    • It is not perfectly automated. A grant would help!
  • If Daren can attend: discuss NASA grants in April
    • This could help develop .zim file automation!

Next steps:[edit]

  • Verify what the current kiwix-serve build can work on the servers onboard the ISS
  • Talk to Daren about writing a grant for automatic zim file creation.