Asynchronous Wikis/Asyncwiki Working Group/April 10th 2018

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  • David : Product Manager for Fundraising Tech at WMF. Currently spending free time on space related projects
  • Cindy : project manager for MW platform at WMF. 10 years developing maintaining wikis. Software gal
  • Chris : recovering MW admin. WMF liaison
  • Daren : NASA. 7 years MW. Synchronization
  • Stéphane : the other Kiwix guy
  • Florence : the WikiFundi gal and non software dev
  • Mark : everybody knows Mark


  • Nasa. A call in April ?
  • WMF : project grant call should have been around June/July. But WMF is likely to have only one call in Y18-19. Deadline is likely to be pushed a bit.


  • Nasa wiki can only be accessed by Nasa. Need an external server
    • There is an external server that kiwix should have access to that is roughly configured like the nasa versions
    • We could create a second wiki on this server with the same config as NASA wikis but import space pages from Wikipedia for content
  • Grants:
    • There is a mini proposal already written by Daren and somewhat in progress. 10k. Currently in red tape

Actions / Next steps

  • Daren - share proposal online - DONE
  • Daren - Get intern to test ZIM file creation from NASA wikis - IN WORK
  • David looking at other funding options and looping in good grant writers