Article feedback/Version 4

Screenshot of the Article Feedback v4 widget

The Wikimedia Foundation has been experimenting with a feature to capture reader quality assessments of articles since September 2010. Article Feedback v4 (AFTv4) is a tool allowing readers to rate the quality of an article along 4 different dimensions. The tool has been deployed on the entire English Wikipedia (except for a small number of articles) since July 22, 2011. A new version of the tool, focused on feedback instead of ratings (AFTv5), has been tested in 2012 and deployed to a 10% random sample of articles from the English Wikipedia in July 2012.


Since launching the tool in September 2010, we've continually analyzed the results; see the Research reports, including specific analyses of the call to action and rater expertise.

As of AFTv5, all research reports are hosted on Meta.


A 1-year dump of anonymized rating data is available for download from the DataHub. Real-time rating data can also be accessed via the toolserver.