Article feedback/Public Policy Pilot/Tasks


Version 2 Development[edit]

Task Description Priority Assignee
Finalize design
  • Document design changes
  • Work with Trevor to iterate on beta version
  • Incorporate recent research done by Parul Vora
High Brandon Harris
Front-end rewrite
  • Make front-end code faster to display and smaller to transfer
  • Add ability to be display rating interface in one of three places on screen
  • Add bucket-testing for positioning
  • Add rating clearing
  • Incorporate new design
  • Add position style in submitted data
  • Change call-to-action to repaint rather than append
High Trevor Parscal
Back-end improvements
  • Support rating clearing
  • Support bucket-test logging
  • Rating breakdown distribution [1]
  • Stop "updating" user ratings, insert new rows. Need some sort of uid PK (auto_increment) to allow this, otherwise we can get dupe PK on user, revision and page id
  • General cleanup and performance improvements where possible
High Sam Reed
Prepare for Deployment
  • Review for security and performance
  • Work with developers to ready software for deployment
High Roan Kattouw
Rewrite Survey Tool Low Trevor Parscal, Sam Reed, Roan Kattouw