Architecture committee/2016-06-15

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The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

Agenda timeline[edit]

  • Intro
    • Agenda bashing and action item check 21:00 (5 minutes)
    • Review last week's RfC office hour 21:05 (5 minutes)
  • RFC status update
    • RfC inbox triage 21:10 (10 minutes)
    • Shepherd assignments 21:20 (5 minutes)
    • Queue for future RfC office hours 21:25 (5 minutes)
  • Wrapup
    • Other business 21:30 (10 minutes)
    • Next week’s ArchCom agenda 21:40 (10 minutes)

Agenda details/Meeting summary[edit]

This section equates to the "meeting summary" section in the meeting note template. It's collaboratively edited during the meeting and serves as the official public notes of the meeting. Attendees: Fill in the important details in this section, but try to keep this concise and NPOV (easy way: use questions).  Put any prep information in this section if appropriate

Intro section[edit]

10 minutes (starting 21:00 UTC)

  • Action items
  • Review last week’s RfC office hour
    • Phab:E203
      • T89331: Replace Tidy in MW parser with HTML 5 parse/reserialize
        • Discussion about migration strategy

RFC status update[edit]

Ensuring Architecture committee/Status is up-to-date:

  • Today’s IRC topic: T120452: Allow tabular datasets on Commons (or some similar central repository) (CSV, TSV, JSON, XML) (See also: comments in T124569 and T134426)
    • Brion points out two questions
      • Tech issues of “is this acceptable? e.g. queries from Lua?”
      • Which site?
        • is this in the jurisdiction of ArchCom?
        • how should we define the scope?  what will be the relationship with Wikidata?
  • Who is chairing the upcoming IRC meeting?  RobLa
  • Conclude last week's "final comment period"? Do we have anything that should enter "final comment"?  Nope
  • Do we have an RFC selected for next week's meeting?
    • Going to Wikimania?
      • Yes: Daniel, Timo
      • No: Brion, Kevin, Tim, RobLa
      • Unknown: Roan, Gabriel
  • For each upcoming meeting, do we anticipate the RFC moving into "final comment"?  Nope
  • How does ArchCom-RfCs board look?
    • Where should anything in the inbox go?
  • Roundtable:
    • Daniel
      • Search on Wikidata; pushback on everything else
      • Site refactoring is on my mind
      • Wishlist to work on: Multi-content revisions, will work with Brion in July on this
      • Wishlist:
    • Timo
  • Keeping track of CSP header RFC
  • Busy with perf refactoring ResourceLoader
  • Wishlist: RFC driven frontend (will talk with Gabriel)
    • Brion
      • Try to push some more on multi-content revisions
        • Plan a work sprint with Daniel in first week of July
      • Going through backlog
      • Write up RFCs for native SVG, adaptive-streaming video storage, a few other things
    • Tim
      • Balanced templates RFC will be coming around.  Scott wrapping up implementation
      • Last week’s RFC
    • RobLa
      • Security
      • Discussing T112999
        • Tim: maybe the thing after Parsoid
        • -> various future-proofing issues of HTML format need to be worked out for the day when you can’t just regen everything from the wikitext
    • Not present: Roan, Gabriel
  • Next week?
    • Topic
      • What do you all consider important?
      • MediaWiki support for Markdown?  Parsoid model for Markdown?
      • ACTION: send out RFC (or at least email) about this topic
      • T137926 require curl extension for PHP?
  • What is the most important thing each ArchCom member is shepherding? Anything blocked? Are responsibilities balanced well?

Other business/planning[edit]

20 minutes (starting 21:30 UTC)

  • Is it time to look at the #ArchCom board more seriously?
  • Next week's ArchCom

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