Architecture committee/2016-06-08

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The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

Agenda timeline[edit]

  • Intro
    • Agenda bashing and action item check 21:00 (5 minutes)
    • Last week+this week’s RfC office hour 21:05 (5 minutes)
  • RFC status update
    • RfC inbox triage 21:10 (10 minutes)
    • Shepherd assignments 21:20 (5 minutes)
    • Queue for future RfC office hours 21:25 (5 minutes)
  • Wrapup
    • Other business 21:30 (10 minutes)
    • Next week’s ArchCom agenda 21:40 (10 minutes)

Agenda details/Meeting summary[edit]

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Intro section[edit]

10 minutes (starting 21:00 UTC)
  • Action items
    • Last week
      • Gabriel: follow up on Phab:T102476 - RFC: Requirements for change propagation (in progress)
      • RobLa: make proposal "Backlog" column (not done)
      • RobLa: update workboard based on W21 IRC session (Phab:E187) (done)
  • Last week’s RfC office hour
    • Phab:E198 - CSP
      • CSP needs another week or two to flesh things out before another conversation

RFC status update[edit]

20 minutes (starting 21:10 UTC)

Spent most of meeting discussing Architecture committee/Status.

  • Who is chairing the upcoming IRC meeting? RobLa is chairing
    • Service orchestration as topic for today?  Don’t want to spend the whole meeting talking about it, but maybe 10 minutes.  Third party?  Memory consumption?  Scaling?
    • SOA RFC?
  • Conclude last week's "final comment period"? Do we have anything that should enter "final comment"?  Nope
  • Do we have a robust queue of RFCs to discuss at future IRC discussions?
  • For each upcoming meeting, do we anticipate the RFC moving into "final comment"?
  • How does ArchCom-RfCs board look?
    • Inbox:
      • T124569 RFC: Data namespace blob storage on
        • See also T134426, and Yuri's 2016-06-04 email to wikitech-l
  • What is the most important thing each ArchCom member is shepherding? Anything blocked? Are responsibilities balanced well?
    • Brion
      • T107595 Multi-content revisions is interesting, needed for various things in multimedia land
        • Meeting happened earlier this week; notes are on the ticket
      • T66214 - predictable thumb URLs
        • Break this out into:
          • Define set of core & extensible media file options for Handler extensions
          • Predictable thumb URLs
          • Improve InstantCommons perf by reducing need to run thumbnail URL lookups
          • Iframe-based rich media embedding for InstantCommons
      • plan to write up new RfCs for:
        • In-browser SVG rendering (pick up existing bug & mailing list notes)
        • iframe+CSP-isolated JS widgets for rich content
          • & extend that to InstantCommons via embedding
        • iframe+CSP-isolated JS gadgets for UI plugins
          • Build these out from ideas from hackathon project T131436
    • Daniel
      • Software Quality working group - will follow up on earlier proposal.  Will talk to people at Wikimania
      • Working on Multi Content Rev Spec with Brion
      • T113034 RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap: checking in with Adam
      • T89733 (approved, with Stas driving implementation)
    • Gabriel
      • Looking into content composition working group, possibly kick-off at Wikimania
      • Discussing Multi Content Rev / RB interaction with Daniel; follow-up at Wikimania
    • Roan
      • T108655 RFC: Standardise JavaScript interfaces: Second part is starting at
    • RobLa
      • Working with DPatrick on Wikimedia Security Team issues in an attempt to be useful there.
      • T123753 Establish retrospective reports for Security and Performance incidents
        • In scope for this group?
      • Forming ArchCom-affiliated working groups
        • RFCs
          • T124504 Transition WikiDev '16 working areas into working groups and
          • T123606 RFC: Implement ArchCom-affiliated working groups (process inspired by Rust's "subteams")
        • Testing Conpherence use for means of piloting ArchCom working groups. Still using Phab:Z425 as asynchronous ArchCom-RFC triage channel. A Security/ArchCom quasi-working group discusses some issues in Phab:Z411. I started renaming "subteams" to "working groups" on Requests for comment/Governance (with Nemo's help).
    • Tim
      • T89331 (Replace Tidy in MW parser with HTML 5 parse/reserialize) - should meet to discuss migration rather than implementation plan
      • T114444 RFC: Introduce notion of DOM scopes in wikitext
        • Scott has implementation work in progress
    • Timo
      • T18691 RFC: Section headings should have a clickable anchor. Reading team expressed interest to help shape the solution. Still open for more use cases and different ideas for how to solve it. Possible scope creep.
        • Stalled.
      • T135963 RFC: Implement CSP in MediaWiki. Was discussed in the IRC office hours last week. Notes at

Next week: T124569 RFC: Data namespace blob storage on

Other business/planning[edit]

20 minutes (starting 21:30 UTC)

  • Next week's ArchCom
    • Timo will out of office

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