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Currently, I believe is causing an infinite recursion, which prevents this election from tallying.

SecurePoll and OpenSTV agree on elected candidates.

This is election was designed to test SecurePoll's precision. In round 5, candidates 7 and 8 are both eliminated, in spite of the fact that candidate 7 "earns" 3.396523814311746E-16 votes that round. Candidate 7 is eliminated when perhaps they should remain hopeful. This is due to PHP's limited precision. This is very similar to 20_7_5000_292763510.

Election setup[edit]

  • Candidates: 20
  • Seats: 7
  • Votes: 5000

Actual results latest[edit]

Output from SecurePoll tally.php: /actual

Output from SecurePoll var_export( ->tallier->resultsLog );:

SecurePoll tally page:

Actual results archive[edit]



Output from OpenSTV: /expected



  • Where you tested: local docker and beta
  • Latest version of SecurePoll tested: 3.0.0 (624ef32) 00:10, 28 September 2021