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Here lives an exploration of visualization approaches that we, the MediaWiki crowd, is actively exploring. The long term goal is to create an extension that allows wiki editors to make interactive infographics. There's already great work being done by the fundraising team, and there's a project proposal to do something very similar here: Interactive Infographics.

The Analytics team's interest in the short term is to make a dashboarding tool that people can use to make sense of data. Limn is the tool we've built to do this, and we're now trying to understand how we should improve it. We are making this page so we can have an open collaboration. We hope we can reduce duplicate effort and hit our short term goals on the way to our long term ones.


Needs work to be the "no programming required to put up a dashboard quickly" solution that it was meant to be. Needs performance improvement and mobile awareness if it's ever going to make sense on platforms outside of the desktop.

Vega JS[edit]

Not actively maintained at the moment, which is very sad because it's a brilliant effort by the Trifacta team to make a grammar for visualization. The power of this should be very familiar to ggplot, protovis, etc. fans. There are talks of forking and continuing this project.