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Tech Debt[edit]

Fixed Date[edit]


  • Stat1 migration to eqiad (see my email regarding stat1003) -- deadline January 31st 2014.

User Metrics[edit]


* Migrate to prod (



Limn Dashboards[edit]

  • Implement Private Read (Diederik: still necessary if geowiki is going to either Office wiki or a secure webserver?)
  • Legacy dashboards (Diederik: what needs to happen exactly?)



(EoL from Product POV)
  • Running the reports is a SPOF
  • Documentation e.g. of csv file formats


(pick up and put in WM epics)
* Migrate to prod (
* MediaWiki OAuth (
* refactor "old style" tests to use create_test_cohort or similar methods (test code is disjointed between the two approaches)
* fix configuration to enable overrides in production / staging (currently we git stash, deploy, git pop)

Wikipedia Zero (Epic)[edit]

  • Agree on a pageview definition (Diederik: in progress with Zero team)
  • Use ids instead of index numbers to reference series (That would allow users to create graphs that do not break over time)
  • Add mobile traffic that does not stem from mobile varnishes to input (e.g.: api traffic) (
  • Fix implemented metrics to meet our official definitions


  • Grant access to Jessie's team
  • Stop users from jumping countries upon updating GeoIP databases (Diederik: let's ask our customer if they care about this)
  • Make sure users are not counted multiple times when aggregating regions (Diederik: let's ask our customer if they care about this)
  • Update bot definition (Diederik: let's ask our customer if they care about this)


  • Automatically update IPv6 MaxMind databases (Diederik: AFAIK there is not yet a monthly subscription available to maxmind ip6 databases, so no need to update automatically)
  • Discuss how the definition of active editors for days (e.g.: geowiki) instead of months (Diederik: this is part of metric standardization)
  • Move production services out of labs (geowiki, wikipedia zero) (Diederik: see line 5)