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Editor Engagement Vital Signs (EEVS)[edit]

Prioritized Backlog and Current Sprint[edit]

We are experimenting using Phabricator. Follow this link!

Stories completed Sprint Ending 4/15/2014[edit]

  1. user makes report public Mingle #1377
  2. user adds scheduled report Mingle #1378

Old user stories (housekeeping needed):[edit]

  1. CronUser runs report on entire project
  2. User runs report for new editor metric
  3. Spike on visualization engine
  4. Exec visualizes new editor metrics (part 1)
  5. Exec visualizes aggregate new editor (part 1)
  6. Exec uses UI to select metrics
  7. Exec visualizes new editor metrics (final)
  8. Exec visualizes newly registered user metrics
  9. Exec visualizes productive new editor metrics
  10. Devs have revert table
  11. Exec visualizes surviving new editor metrics
  12. Exec clics link to metric definitions
  13. Exec downloads visualized data in TSV

More notes on Epic:

Metrics on Mobile Usage[edit]


Current focus is on Annotations and Discoverability

Secondary Focus on

Limn Dashboard Deployment


Current Focus is on Transition

Unprioritized Backlog

  1. HadoopUser uses production-ready geotagging infrastructure
  2. Researcher queries geotagging DB for one-off tasks (using R, python, etc)

Pageview API[edit]

Metric Definition Standardization[edit]

Wikipedia Zero Pageviews[edit]

Focus on accuracy