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Team Analytics scrum notes for 2013.

February 2013[edit]

Feb 28[edit]

Secretary: Kraig

  • David
    • A whole lotta meetings
    • Provided Kraken context for Architecture Review meeting scheduled for Friday
  • Otto (not able to attend, Ops conflict)
  • Kraig
    • Working on finalizing agenda for Analytics Reboot workshop on Monday, will distribute to team today
    • Developed initial pass of questions for analytics stakeholder satisfaction survey, distributed via Google Docs to Erik Z, David S.
    • Facilitated weekly improvement meeting, wants feedback on ways to improve it
  • Diederik (not able to attend, in transit)
  • Evan
  • Dan

Feb 25[edit]

Secretary: Otto

  • David
    • Merged viewport stuff into develop.
    • Fixed bugs caused by merge (scatterplot mode, scaling, widget for fiddling with scale type).
    • Going to work on metric definition
    • Need to review canvas refactoring with Dan. (Geo-json, etc.)
  • Otto
    • Kafka puppet module reviewed and +1 by Faidon.
    • Need review of Kafka Debianization
    • Spent most of Friday working on git submodule puppet module merge wrapper, going to just diff files :/
  • Kraig
    • Friday's meetings
    • getting together an agenda / format for next week's workshop on Monday and Tuesday
    • going to review this with Erik + Gang.
    • Following up on experiments (Mingle, improvement work)
    • Consolodate findings with stakeholder groups.
  • Diederik
    • Gave a lightning talk about Kraken and Limn
    • Refactored Geocoding + oozie + pig (YAY|!)
    • Migrated only tasks we are currently working on into Mingle.
    • Worked on Architecture review document
    • Want to put together an overview of use cases of Kraken
  • Evan
    • Messed around with Category Tree
    • Trying to construct control set of articles for plagerism detection.
    • Been working on Mediawiki -> git script.
  • Dan
    • Looked at David's changes for viewport canvas
    • lots of meetings
    • Going to finish tasks leftover from last sprint
    • Want to realign as team to shoot for end of March to complete promises.

Feb 26[edit]

Secretary: David

  • Otto
    • Ops week! I am hanging out with Opsen!
    • Wrote an Oozie tutorial as a braindump
    • Wrapper script wrapping puppetmaster submodule creation and update. For submodules to be kosher, there needs to be a way to manually inspect the diff of the update. Submodules don't make that easy.
      • Bound the work at today -- not done? Weep & give up.
  • Dan
    • Read through David's Viewport commits and merge
    • Fixed some bugs that resulted from that
  • David
    • Merged feature/viewport into develop
    • Fixed ~11 bugs surfaced after the merge (ty to Dan for helping hunt)
    • Today: Close the last bugs in in the Viewport refactor
    • Add MetricDef Id to Datasource Columns
  • Kraig
    • Fleshed out Improvement Ideas in Mingle
    • Setting up Mingle with Diederik
    • Weekly Analytics Sync with Erik M, RobLa (Gayle out)
    • Planned out Analytics Reboot Workshop (Mon/Tues) -- will be sharing Google Doc soon
    • Continuing to plan Reboot (esp timing)
    • Prep for Arch Review meeting (Diederik)

Feb 27[edit]

Secretary: Kraig

  • Otto
    • In ops meeting on event logging, ops seems to be OK with it
    • Worked throughout meetings, got general approval from Faidon on deb, need Mark's review
    • Trying to get kafka impl reviewed, told to use git build-package standards
    • Making sure geocoding works in oozie
    • Administration stuff from Ryan F
    • Work out deploying Limn without running npm on target
  • Dan
    • (travel)
  • David
    • Fixed some bugs in Limn, rebooted Limn instances on Kripke
      • Permissions were wrong for /srv, causing Limn to die when trying to write browserify cache file (might have been during deploy script testing)
      • No monitoring on other instances on the same target server post-deploy -- deployer could validate, or could be part of process
    • Today
      • Close out Limn Viewport refactoring task, including whatever Dan has for it
      • Start looking at creating a software Ecosystem Map for our projects & tech
  • Diederik
    • Hashed out more arch review meeting notes
    • Want to work with otto on pros/cons in notes
    • W0 Pig script
  • Evan
    • onboarding new 2 contractors
  • Kraig
    • Planning Scheduling for analytics reboot workshop
    • getting into more Mingle stuff, working with views etc.
      • Good to have a visual plan when discussing plans (diagrams, visuals, workflow maps, etc.)
    • Today spending time on elaborating improvement ideas.
    • Today's improvement meeting.