Analytics/Roadmap/PlanningMeetings/2013 02 27 Reflection

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Reflecting on the Meeting for Reflecting on our Weekly Status[edit]

  • dsc volunteers to help put together a stakeholder feedback survey; ez will help construct a community feedback survey as well
  • ez: we should make sure our process collects feedback from the editor and research communities

Review of Improvement Idea Inbox[edit]

Cynefin categories reminder:

  • Simple: obvious to all
  • Complicated: requires analysis or some other form of investigation
  • Complex: can only be perceived in retrospect, but not in advance
  • Chaotic: no relationship between cause and effect at systems level

#1: Improve business solutioning elements of analytics delivery[edit]

  • Many elements of delivering on this:
    • visioning with an eye toward integrated solution delivery
    • planning for incremental releases
    • gathering concrete requirements, communicating them clearly and explicitly, and managing expections
  • Vote: do
  • Domain:
    • Diederik: complex
    • Kraig: complex
    • EZachte: complicated / complex
    • otto: complex
    • dsc: complex
    • dan: complicated

#3: Improve discipline of work prioritization & scheduling[edit]

  • dsc: Is this focused on improving the view of feature-work, or task-work? (This also relates to the management tools question.)
    • K: primarily organizing/prioritizing, clarifying, and scheduling feature work (as seen from stakeholders)
  • ez: re: prioritization. We have production bugs that have gone unfixed. this can't just be about new fewture development!
    • K: we'll talk more about this with the work service levels card later
  • Vote: do
  • Domain:
    • dan: complicated
    • dsc: complicated
    • otto: ditto
    • drdee: complicated

#4: Introduce Lean management practices for leadership roles[edit]

  • Not 6 sigma oriented (which focuses on routine processes)
  • drdee: let's not experiment with too many things at once.
  • dsc: totally agreed. finite bandwidth -- code must be written.
  • Vote: do
  • Domain:
    • dsc: complicated