Report Card[edit]

This wiki documents the (so far very manual process) to get the report card data to display at:

Consumers of this document are internal members of analytics team.


Update datafiles[edit]

1. Get data files from Erik Z.
2. Clone github repo reportcard data: git clone ssh://
3. If you do not have ssed installed, install it with: sudo apt-get install ssed
4. Update datafiles on depot and execute script that turns source files into limn metadata:

   cd old_rc_new
   Source files go into /input directory
   (make sure to create an output directory if this is the 1st time you do this)

Watch out for a stack trace there, if source files are wrong somehow they would cause a stack trace to display. To debug, you must look at the python files starting probably with

At the end it should show the data files as changed

Submit change to gerrit, change should look like:

Test Changes on Test reportcard instance[edit]

Instance is: hosted on limn1.eqiad.wmflabs

1. ssh to instance and change to limn user

nuria@limn1:/var/lib/limn/reportcard-data$ sudo -s
root@limn1:/var/lib/limn/reportcard-data# su limn
$ bash

2. Pull new data from gerrit changeset

limn@limn1:~/reportcard-data$ git pull (or fetch or ...)

Make sure things look good on:

3. Merge gerrit change to master if things look good.

Update reportcard[edit]

Instance is: hosted on reportcard1.eqiad.wmflabs

1. ssh to instance and change to limn user

nuria@reportcard1:/var/lib/limn/reportcard-data$ sudo -s
root@reportcard1:/var/lib/limn/reportcard-data# su limn
$ bash

2. Pull new data from master

limn@reportcard1:~/reportcard-data$ git pull 

3. Make sure graphs look ok