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Many applications want to collect data about user behavior or instrumentation metrics. To tell them apart, each application is issued a unique Product Code that must be sent along with any data submitted to the analytics cluster for processing (whether via the Pixel Service or otherwise).

In addition to the product code, it is strongly recommended you also send your product's version. Generally speaking, web request analytics do not require a new product code to add a new domain. It is when the application wants to perform event logging (such as A/B testing or conversion funnel analysis) that a new product code is needed.


Product Codes are used internally by the processing infrastructure for a myriad of purposes:

  • Routing data to per-product buckets for permissions control and ease of processing
  • Fair scheduling for processing incoming data, to ensure no consumer gets starved (maybe)
  • Tracing the many distributed parts of the system
  • Tracking down junk/abusive data

Getting a Product Code[edit]

Email Diederik van Liere with the name of the product, its team affiliation, a point of contact for the product, and a description of what you plan to be sending; we'll get back to you with any questions and help you get set up sending in data with your code.

For on-page event logging, we're planning on providing a JavaScript library that will greatly simplify the setup process.

List of Product Codes[edit]

Code Product Team Contact Notes
web Web Requests Analytics Diederik van Liere Product code by domain unnecessary as full request URL is logged.
debug Internal debugging Analytics Diederik van Liere
kraken Kraken internal instrumentation Analytics Diederik van Liere
limn Limn Analytics Dan Andreescu
mw Mediawiki internal instrumentation Platform
i18n-uls Universal Language Selector instrumentation Internationalization
wlm Wiki Loves Monuments Mobile