Problem Definition[edit]

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) are large contributors to Wikimedia Commons and provide a large percentage of visual content for Wikimedia projects. Such images share several important characteristics: They are usually more than merely decorative--being historical, they are primary source documents relating informational content about the article subject; They are not merely illustrative, but a source for articles; Such documents typically come from a repository with authoritative metadata about the works and are made available by Cultural Institutions.

To stimulate GLAMs to upload content to Wikimedia Commons, it is necessary to be able to communicate how many times these media files are being presented to users of Wikimedia projects. Being able to communicate these numbers helps policymakers to integrate Wikipedia into their communications policy and helps them justify contributing time and knowledge to Wikimedia projects.

The purpose of this page is to gather all the different documents, discussions and ideas related to GLAM Analytics and to define a list with the most important metrics. Please feel free to add any missing data--this document is most certainly incomplete.

GLAM Requested Analytics[edit]

  • Pageviews per canonical image:
    • per time-unit (I suspect that daily is a good start)
    • within Wikimedia projects (breakdown per project / language)
    • outside Wikimedia projects
    • as part of a category
    • by geography
  • API to expose data
  • A slew of needs and rationales are located on this Google Doc.
(The parts that make sense can be moved here, but should likely be done by someone more technically-inclined than I am. - Lori)

Technical questions[edit]

  1. How to detect a canonical image (same image can have different resolutions, thumbnails)?
  2. How to detect a GLAM image from a regular Commons image?

GLAM Statistics documents[edit]

Assessment GLAM impact[edit]

GLAM tools[edit]

GLAM toolset project[edit]

The GLAMwiki toolset project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia France and Europeana, with the goal of providing a set of tools to get materials from GLAM institutions onto Wikimedia Commons in a way that reuse can easily be tracked, and that Commons materials can easily be integrated back into the collection of the original GLAM or even other GLAMs. Go to their project pages on Outreach for more information.