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This page is meant to be a mirror of current and past goals stated on the Engineering yearly goals along with the status of the goal. This page is also where future (the next quarter's) goals are discussed and settled on.

Jul–Sep 2014[edit]

Implement a dashboard to visualize key metrics defined by the research team and usable by product teams to drive goals and instrumentation. YesY Done

  • Metrics: the Editor Model , and number of daily {Active Editors, Edits and Pages Created} YesY Done
  • Broken down by all 882 projects YesY Done
  • Broken down by target site (desktop website, mobile website, apps)
  • With a default view showing the Rolling Monthly Active Editors for the top 7 wikis. YesY Done
  • Teams immediately benefiting: Growth, Mobile, VE, Multimedia YesY Done

Stretch Goals

Add the following metrics to the dashboards (broken down by 882 projects and target site):

  • Page Views
  • Unique Visitors (depends on introducing client side tokens, reviewing the privacy implications and ensuring un-sampled data in Hadoop can be relied upon for counting uniques)

Oct–Dec 2014[edit]

Fill out Vital Signs
  • PageViews & PageViews broken down by target site
  • Implement Breakdowns for existing metrics
Investigate Open Source BI tool
  • User can expand uploaded cohorts to include users across all wikis
  • User can delete a member of a cohort
  • User can tag a cohort with pre-defined tags
  • User can list cohorts from an existing tag
  • Identify and direct the purging of raw logs older than 90 days (executed by ops)
  • Identify and direct the purging of rows older than 90 days (executed by sean and ops with input from product)
  • Work with product teams who need to keep some data longer than 90 days to comply with the privacy policy

Goals are dependent on Tech Ops work on EventLogging and standing up a data warehouse

Jan–Mar 2015[edit]

Goals dependent on review and discussion of Product/Foundation initiatives

Apr–Jun 2015[edit]

Goals dependent on review and discussion of Product/Foundation initiatives