Analytics/Commit Guidelines

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Commit summary guidelines for Analytics[edit]

  • Follow
  • In case of a Feature or Infrastructure Task add the Mingle reference on a separate line like:
    • analytics card 42.1
    • analytics card #42.1
    • analytics-card 42.1
    • analytics-card #42.1
    • Card: analytics 42.1
    • Card: analytics-42.1
    • Card:analytics#42.1
  • 42 refers to the Mingle card while 1 refers to the User Acceptance Criteria (in case of a Feature) or the Task (in case of an Infrastructure Task).
  • In case your commit fixes a bug then please add both the Mingle card id and the bugzilla id on a separate line. Adding the bug reference will trigger the bugzilla-gerrit bot and add a link to the patchset in Bugzilla.
    • Bug: 12345
  • Make sure you push to Gerrit.
  • If it is not obvious how to test your commit (eg you have to do magic things to your set up in order to test), explain it in the commit message.


wikimetrics: fixed label of survival metric

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topping. Icing ice cream sweet roll. Biscuit dragée toffee wypas. 
Does not yet address bug 44441.
Follows-up Id5e7cbb1.

Bug: 12345
Card: analytics 42.1
Change-Id: I88c5f819c42d9fe1468be6b2cf74413d7d6d6907