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Also Known AS: slicing data.

When looking at one metric, there are many ways to break down that metric. So many - in fact - that we face a possible explosion of breakdowns.

The purpose of this document is to list possible breakdowns and design and constrain the ways a metric can be broken such that we only present useful breakdowns to users. For example: show me New Editors for Commons (desktop + mobile). We may want to constrain the EEVS dashboard not to allow complex compositions of breakdowns like: show me New Editors for Commons mobile on feature phones in Swahili and are located in the global south. This data needs to be pre-calculated for the EEVS dashboard to display it and it would be expensive to run each possible combination.


by Project[edit]

Example: enwiki, dewiki, jawiki, Commons, etc. There are 882 projects in all.

Why: some projects are taking off, others have declining total active editors.

by Source[edit]

  • Mobile website (e.g.
  • Desktop website
  • API / App
  • Other

by User Agent or Device[edit]

  • Tablet (generally goes to the desktop site)
  • Desktop
  • Mobile device
  • Other

by Language[edit]

What do we do for multilingual projects.

English, French, Japanese

by Region[edit]

  • Continent
  • Global North/South
  • Country
  • MSA

by VisualEditor[edit]

  • VisualEditor
  • Text Editor

by NameSpace[edit]

  • Article
  • Talk Page
  • ...

by Gender[edit]

  • Male
  • Female
  • Other
  • Unknown