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Potential topics[edit]

This page is to gather possible topics for the Amsterdam Hackathon 2013. The hackathon is a open-structured. If there's something you intend to work on, please add to the list or chime in your support on a particular topic. Based on the suggested topics we can all decide what to work on and define goals for the Hackathon.

Hacking Topics[edit]


  • MediaWiki - Of course
  • ContentHandler -- new in MW 1.21
  • MediaWiki API
  • Lua/Scribunto scripting
    • complete/extend pr0n : a module to convert Indo-Arabic numerals to locale prononciations strings.
  • A security training
  • Writing "acceptance test" criteria for use in automated QA
    • Implementing the tests
  • Editor Engagement tools like Echo, Flow
  • Skinning system / Vector cleanup & migration to core / Outdated documentation
  • Design:
    • Designs for mobile versions of existing projects.
    • Usability testing for Wikimedia projects.
    • Contribute components to Agora
  • Structured data push support for recent changes
  • Maps/geocoding
  • Mobile web performance
  • Gnome desktop integration of the mediwiki environement
    • desktop integrated login service
    • wiktionary and gnome-dictionary
    • wikimedia projects and the gnome-shell search bar
  • WMF platform/ops joint tasks e.g.: Bug 40025 - unfortunately needs specific permissions
  • Translate extension
    • I18n: How to make interface messages dependent on wiki configuration or user-created content translatable via Translate extension. (??)
  • Auto-generation of image credits; seeen:Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Captions #RfC: Requiring photo credits in footnotes for copyrighted images
  • Developping a Getting Things Done task mananger within mediawiki?


  • Integration with MediaWiki, skins
  • Integration with non-MediaWiki platforms
  • Visual template editing for fun and profit
  • Writing plugins for new features
  • Non-Wikipedia needs from VisualEditor




  • Toolserver and tool labs: Ongoing hacking corner for people interesting in migrating tools to Labs, accompanied by hands-on help and on-the-fly improvements to the documentation
  • Pywikipedia
  • Integrate dictionaries for translation tools, Wikisource
  • Wiktionary tools
    • Advanced word search (such as these).
  • w:WP:ACC/w:WP:UTRS migration to labs, code cleanup, restructure core code, etc.


  • MediaWiki promotion
    • Outreach to IT schools
    • Country and regional developer conferences
    • MediaWiki Camp
    • Promote MediaWiki as free alternative for corporations, small and medium companies
    • Promotion and outreach: how to engage better with the Wikimedia community and other groups out there.
  • WMF devs vs. communities
  • IRC bots in developer channels (we've wanted to move "spamming" bots out of #mediawiki for a long time, maybe it's finally a time to sit down together and sort this out) / eventually discuss some improvements regarding IRC
  • Documentation structure


  • Some kind of Wiki Loves Monuments sprint that includes photo upload from mobile devices
  • Wiki Loves Public Art tooling
  • Wiki Loves Monuments tooling
  • GLAMwiki toolset project
  • QRpedia: where now? (I can lead this discussion - Pigsonthewing (talk))


  • production tile server
  • OSM tools in labs / toolserver
  • OSM gadgets
  • Wikimaps I can present Susannaanas (talk) 21:14, 14 May 2013 (UTC)
  • Discussion: How we can connect OSM with Wikidata?
  • other OSM hacking


  • future of the extension math
  • math for mobile devices
  • making math accessible (for disabled persons)
  • search




Off topic[edit]

  • It would be really cool if someone could give a small guided tour / walk around Amsterdam!