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Storing the age-de.xml file in the root directory of the domain concerned is trivial.

Less trivial is the entry of meta data into the HTML structure:

<meta name="age-de-meta-label" content="age=0 hash: YourDigitalCode v=1.0 kind=sl protocol=all"/>

The following HTML snippet is inserted for example in the Skin Vector in the function getTemplateData of the class SkinVector or in the Skin MonoBook in the function setupSkinUserCss of the class SkinMonoBook:

	global $wgAgeClassificationMetaName, $wgAgeClassificationMetaContent;
	if ( !empty( $wgAgeClassificationMetaName ) AND !empty( $wgAgeClassificationMetaContent ) ) {
		$out->addMeta( $wgAgeClassificationMetaName, $wgAgeClassificationMetaContent );

The global variables $wgAgeClassificationMetaName and $wgAgeClassificationMetaContent are then set in the LocalSettings.php according to the specifications of – in Germany – "".

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