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MediaWiki version: 1.16

To change a user's group membership, a user rights token is required. This token is not equal to the edit token: it depends on the name of the user whose rights are being changed. A user rights token can be obtained as follows: Obtaining a user rights token

Adding users to and removing them from groups[edit]

Users can be added to groups or removed from them with action=userrights.


  • user: The name of the user whose rights you want to change.
  • token: The token obtained in the previous request. Take care to urlencode the '+' as '%2B'.
  • add: A pipe-separated list of groups you want to add the user to. Groups you're not allowed to add and groups the user is already in will be silently ignored
  • remove: A pipe-separated list of groups you want to remove the user from. Groups you're not allowed to remove and groups the users isn't in will be silently ignored
  • reason: Reason for the change (optional).

Sample request[edit]

Note: In this example, all parameters are passed in a GET request just for the sake of simplicity. However, action=userrights requires POST requests; GET requests will cause an error.

Removing Bob from the bureaucrat group, and adding him to the sysop and bot groups

NOTE: If you don't have permission to add/remove users to/from groups, you'll get a result with empty <added /> and <removed /> tags rather than an error message, because all the groups you specified were silently ignored.

Possible errors[edit]

All errors are formatted as:

<error code="code" info="info">
Code Info
nouser The user parameter must be set
nosuchuser User "user" doesn't exist
Note: This may happen when trying to change an anonymous user's rights.
notoken The token parameter must be set
badtoken Invalid token
readonly The wiki is in read-only mode
Note: In read-only mode, absolutely nothing can be changed.