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Returns a user contributions feed. Note that if the request is successful, the output will be in the format requested by the feedformat parameter. The format requested by the standard format parameter (e.g., JSON) will only be used in the event of an error.


  • user: Which user to get the contributions for (one user only).
  • feedformat: The format of the feed. Possible values: rss or atom (Default: rss)
  • namespace: Which namespace to filter the contributions by. In MediaWiki 1.18 and 1.19, this was a multi-valued parameter; for all other versions, it is a single namespace only.
  • year: From year (and earlier).
  • month: From month (and earlier). Type: integer
  • tagfilter: Filter contributions that have these tags.
  • deletedonly: Show only deleted contributions.
  • toponly: Only show edits that are latest revisions.
  • newonly: Only show edits that are page creations. 1.23+
  • hideminor: Hide minor edits. 1.28+
  • showsizediff: Show the size difference between revisions (disabled in miser mode).

Error Codes

In addition to the usual stuff:

Code Info
feed-unavailable Kanały informacyjne nie są dostępne
feed-invalid Niewłaściwy typ kanału informacyjnego.
sizediffdisabled Size difference is disabled in Miser Mode.


Show contributions of Jimbo Wales as an RSS feed.


(main | feedcontributions)

Returns a user's contributions feed.


The format of the feed.

One of the following values: rss, atom
Default: rss

What users to get the contributions for.

This parameter is required.
Type: user name

Which namespace to filter the contributions by.

One of the following values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 90, 91, 92, 93, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 486, 487, 828, 829, 1198, 1199, 2300, 2301, 2302, 2303, 2600, 5500, 5501

From year (and earlier).

Type: integer

From month (and earlier).

Type: integer

Filter contributions that have these tags.

Values (separate with | or alternative): New user editing project page, Short translation, Rapid reverts, Blocked user editing own talk page, T144167, meta spam id, blanking, emoji, OTRS permission added by non-OTRS member, ntsamr (global), repeated xwiki CoI abuse, inter-ip-spam, Emoji, deletion template removed, Anonymous updated project status, Added PHP closing tag, mw-contentmodelchange, mw-new-redirect, mw-removed-redirect, mw-changed-redirect-target, mw-blank, mw-replace, mw-rollback, mw-undo, centralnotice, centralnotice translation, abusefilter-condition-limit, massmessage-delivery, visualeditor, visualeditor-needcheck, visualeditor-switched, visualeditor-wikitext, wikilove, mobile edit, mobile app edit, android app edit, ios app edit, mobile web edit, advanced mobile edit, HHVM, php7, OAuth CID: 21, OAuth CID: 31, OAuth CID: 1188, OAuth CID: 1261, OAuth CID: 1352, OAuth CID: 429
Default: (empty)

Show only deleted contributions.

Type: boolean (details)

Only show edits that are the latest revisions.

Type: boolean (details)

Only show edits that are page creations.

Type: boolean (details)

Hide minor edits.

Type: boolean (details)

Disabled due to miser mode.

Type: boolean (details)
Return contributions for user Example.
api.php?action=feedcontributions&user=Example [open in sandbox]