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SetUserPreferences action allows to edit each user profile by passing any profile parameters which are desired to be changed such as name, email, newpassword. As shown in other features, sensible parameters must be passed by POST form.

Sample request and response:

  api.php ? action=setuserpreferences 
Post parameters:

  pruserid = 23		   Obtained when the user has logged in.
  prusertoken = ber0cd5aa1bda4a5ve7lez230570b00na1a          Obtained when the user has been logged
  [ proldpassword = 123abc ]		   Old password the user used to have  
  [ prnewpassword = 123abc ]		   New password desired by the user  
  [ prretypepassword = 123abc ]		   Retyping the new desired password is required  
  [ prname = "John" ]	   User Name. It is not a mandatory field
  [ premail = john.smith@yahoo.com ]	   User email address
  [ prnickname = "Johnny" ]		   User signature
  [ ccmeonemail = yes/no ]		   To send me copies of emails sent to other users
  [ premailflag = yes/no ]		   Enable email from other users
              result: Success		  Other values: UserIsAnon, WrongPassword, BadRetype, WrongEmailAddress