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Lists the contents of some or all interface messages.


  • ammessages: Which messages to output. * means all messages. (Default: *)
  • amprop: Which properties to get. Possible values: default (Default: default) 1.16+
    • default: The default message. Note: this is only emitted if not identical to the current message (after parsing, if applicable). 1.16+
  • amenableparser: Set to enable parser, will preprocess the wikitext of message. Will substitute magic words, handle templates, etc. 1.16+
  • amnocontent: If set, do not include the content of the messages in the output. 1.19+
  • amincludelocal: Also include local messages, i.e. messages that don't exist in the software but do exist as a MediaWiki: page. This lists all MediaWiki: pages, so it will also list those that aren't 'really' messages such as Common.js. 1.19+
  • amtitle: Page name to use as context when parsing message (for enableparser option). 1.18+
  • amargs: Arguments to be substituted into message. 1.16+
  • amprefix: Return messages with this prefix. 1.18+
  • amfilter: Return only messages with names that contain this string.
  • amcustomised: Return only messages in this customization state. 1.18+
  • amlang: Return messages in this language.
  • amfrom: Return messages starting at this message (must be a valid message name). 1.15+
  • amto: Return messages ending at this message (must be a valid message name). 1.17+


Get the Dutch translations of some messages

Possible errors[edit]