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=== A ===
=== A ===
; Aeromodelpedia - [http://www.aeromodelpedia.org www.aeromodelpedia.org] : The free aeromodels encyclopedia.
; Aeromodelpedia - [http://www.aeromodelpedia.org www.aeromodelpedia.org] [http://www.profischnell.com Übersetzung] : The free aeromodels encyclopedia.
; Airsoftpedia – [http://www.airsoftpedia.es/ airsoftpedia.es]: (ES) Wiki about Airsoft - Wiki sobre Airsoft
; Airsoftpedia – [http://www.airsoftpedia.es/ airsoftpedia.es]: (ES) Wiki about Airsoft - Wiki sobre Airsoft
; Agri Wiki - [http://www.agriwiki.co.za agriwiki.co.za]: (EN, AF) Wiki about agriculture in South Africa.
; Agri Wiki - [http://www.agriwiki.co.za agriwiki.co.za]: (EN, AF) Wiki about agriculture in South Africa.
; Análisis Técnico – [http://www.analisis-tecnico.eu/ Analisis-Tecnico.EU]: (ES, EN, DE) Enciclopedia Análisis Técnico.
; Análisis Técnico [http://www.uebersetzung-deutsch-englisch.com Übersetzung Deutsch Englisch] – [http://www.analisis-tecnico.eu/ Analisis-Tecnico.EU]: (ES, EN, DE) Enciclopedia Análisis Técnico.
; Anarchopedia – [http://www.anarchopedia.org/ anarchopedia.org]: (en, other languages) Anarchist GFDL corpus access provider
; Anarchopedia – [http://www.anarchopedia.org/ anarchopedia.org]: (en, other languages) Anarchist GFDL corpus access provider
; Arija wiki – arija.org [http://www.arija.org/es/ (es)] [http://www.arija.org/en/ (en)] [http://www.arija.org/fr/ (fr)]: A multilingual project to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia about the town of Arija, Burgos, Spain and its surroundings
; Arija wiki – arija.org [http://www.arija.org/es/ (es)] [http://www.arija.org/en/ (en)] [http://www.arija.org/fr/ (fr)]: A multilingual project to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia about the town of Arija, Burgos, Spain and its surroundings [http://www.profi-fachuebersetzung.de Übersetzung Englisch Deutsch]
=== B ===
=== B ===

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This is a list of sites that are using MediaWiki, the wiki engine this site is about. On this page we collect wikis that are written or provided in more than one language, quite often these are the bigger projects.

  • Feel free to add your site to the list, but please stay close to the given format:
; Title – [http://www.example.org/ example.org]: (language code) Short description
  • New entries will be checked. Unreachable sites or sites that don't use MediaWiki will be removed.
  • Last complete check: 2005-12-03

MediaWiki-Wikis in more than one language

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21C3Wiki – 21c3.ccc.de
(de, en) Public wiki of the 21st Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin 2004
22C3Wiki – events.ccc.de
(de, en) Public wiki of the 22st Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin 2005


Aeromodelpedia - www.aeromodelpedia.org Übersetzung 
The free aeromodels encyclopedia.
Airsoftpedia – airsoftpedia.es
(ES) Wiki about Airsoft - Wiki sobre Airsoft
Agri Wiki - agriwiki.co.za
(EN, AF) Wiki about agriculture in South Africa.
Análisis Técnico Übersetzung Deutsch EnglischAnalisis-Tecnico.EU
(ES, EN, DE) Enciclopedia Análisis Técnico.
Anarchopedia – anarchopedia.org
(en, other languages) Anarchist GFDL corpus access provider
Arija wiki – arija.org (es) (en) (fr)
A multilingual project to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia about the town of Arija, Burgos, Spain and its surroundings Übersetzung Englisch Deutsch


Battlestar Wiki – battlestarwiki.org
(de, es, en, fr, tr, zh) Battlestar Galactica online encyclopedia and episode guide
Bromwiki – bromwiki.net
(de, en, es) Information on the tropical pineapple plantfamily
Buddhist Encyclopedia – Buddhism.2be.net
(en, zh) Encyclopedia of Buddhism with articles, videos and audios of all Buddhist traditions including the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.
BioSites – BioSites.org
(cn, de, es, en, fr, jr, kr, tr, zh) BioSites.org is an openfree information provider of companies or web sites. You can freely add and edit your site's profile anytime. BioSites.org will help introduce your websites and provide external links and references that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors.


Capital Market Wiki – capital-market-wiki.org
(en) An open encyclopedia of world capital markets. An article may be written in any language, on sub-pages to the English version, tied together with a common semantic database, organized in accordance with Capital Market Taxonomy.
Cantr II wiki – wiki.cantr.net
(en/es/pt) Help to Cantr II - a game (MMORPG, PBBG and simulating society) which together involved more than a dozen linguistic communities, in a same persistent virtual world.
Cigarettespedia – cigarettespedia.com
(en) CigarettesPedia is unique, the fullest free collection of cigarette boxes, invaluable information about cigarette brands, history of their appearance and the manufacturers.
CineWiki – www.cinewiki.org
The free film encyclopedia (en/zh)
Cinoku – www.cinoku.com
Film lexicon (de/en)
CoCoWiki - www.asicdev.com/wiki/
(zh) A wiki for electronic egineering in chinese.
Computational Engineering – computational.engineering.or.id
(id) This site presents the research on computational engineering in Indonesia, contains information to build high performance computing system as well as the application on material design, instrumentation, and control.
Corruptopedia – corruptopedia.org
(pt-br) Corruptopedia is a brazillian encyclopedia and speaks of the most 'honest' people of the Brazil.


DLRPwiki.org – DLRPwiki.org
(en, nl, de) Disneyland Resort Paris wiki


Einstein University - Einstein University the free university/ academic social network.
Ekopedia – Ekopedia
(fr, eo, en, it, de, pl...) The ecology's encyclopedia.
eLib Austria – [1]
(de, some documents in en, fr, es) Digitalization effort which combines sourcetexts, with papers and articles as an eLearning site for university students
Encyclopaediae Pokemonis – www.encyclopaediae-pokemonis.org
(de, en, es, fr, jp, po, pl) Wikis about Pokémon
Ensiklokamus Teknologi Maklumat – teknologi-maklumat.com
(ms) Encyclopedia of information technology in the Malay language
EnterWiki – EnterWiki.net
(en, soon to include fr, de, es) Entertainment wiki network, mostly MMOGs
Eureka Wiki – eurekawiki.org
(en, soon to be de) A wiki on the Eureka.
Exprmntl – exprmntl.net
(fr, en, de, es…) Encyclopedia of audio-visual art
Eleupedia – eleupedia.org
(es) Are your collaborations deleted in the Wikipedia? No problem, we are the alternative.


FlightGear wiki – wiki.flightgear.org
Wiki of the free, opensource flight simulator w:FlightGear.
Forestpedia – forestpedia.org
(id, en) Forestpedia is designed to help groups collaborate, share, and build a website that provide information center for tropical forest knowledge.
Freeciv – freeciv.org
(en, other languages) Information about the multiplayer strategy game "Freeciv"
Friday's poems Collaborative Movement – sextapoetica.com.br
(pt) a place where one can read what other people write and where anyone can write freely.
FZWTE Software – fzwte.net
(en, fr) Software by ZeWaren / Erwan Martin
Freedom Porn - www.FreedomPorn.org
(en, ru, soon other) Anarchist and activist pornography.


Glen Cook Wiki – (no longer multi-lingual, english only) glencook.org
(de, en, fr, pl, ru) Reference to the books and worlds of Author Glen Cook Translators needed!


Heroes Wikiheroeswiki.com
(de, es, fr, he, it, nl, pt, sv, tr) Wiki dedicated to NBC's TV series Heroes.
Hinnavaatlus wikiwiki.hinnavaatlus.ee
(et, en) A site dedicated to organize manuals and tips gathered in Hinnavaatlus forum (Estonian pricewatch forum)
(en, de, es, fr, fi, pt, bg, zh, pl, ru) Information about hitchhiking.
Hortipedia - www.hortipedia.com
(en, de, fr and es coming soon) garden encyclopedia, plants, plant database, Gartenlexikon, Pflanzen, Pflanzendatenbank)
(en,fr,es) Howtopedia is a library for practical knowledge and simple technologies. It focuses on development tools.
Howiw.com - www.howiw.com
(will be in all linguages) the Free highest quality how to articles that anyone can edit.


(ar, zh-Hans, zh-Hant, el, hi, ja, ko, fa, ru, ta, yi, am, he)
IEs4Linux – www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux
(de, en, es_UY, fr, pt_BR) Internet Explorer 6, 5.5, 5 on Linux
IMSLP – www.imslp.org
public domain musical score archive


Jehudim – yehudim.eu
(en, other languages) European Jewish Heritage Project
Jesus-Wiki – jesus-wiki.org
(de, fi, fr, en, es) Wiki project with a Christian point of view
Jurispedia – jurispedia.org
(ar, en, fr, de, nl, other languages) law website


KDE TechBase – http://techbase.kde.org/
The KDE developers' wiki.
KDE UserBase – http://userbase.kde.org/
The KDE user community wiki.
Knowtive – www.knowtive.com
(zh, other languages)
Knowledgebase Home – asiaosc.org/enwiki
(en, other languages) From AsiaOSC, an Asian open source centre
Kompensationsverzeichnis Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – kompensationsflaechen-mv.de
(de) Platform for impact review-areas (Ausgleichsflächen, Ökokonten) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, State in Germany
Korean Resource Center – krcla.org
(en, ko) organization website for the Korean Resource Center (민족학교), a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. Editing restricted to talk pages only.


Lostpedia – Lostpedia.com
(de/en/es/fr/it/nl/pl/pt) Wiki dedicated to ABC's TV series LOST.
Live Cinema Research Wiki – livecinema.prototypen.com
(de/en) Wiki dedicated to the research of movie making and presentation techniques for the 21st century.
Lingua Veritas Lingua Veritas – Translation interpretation
A Wiki-based multilingual resources agency
Locaweb [2]
Wiki locaweb


Memory Alpha – memory-alpha.org
(en, other languages) Encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek
Metacafe - metacafe.com
(en, other languages) A community based video sharing web site, using Mediawiki as the back-end for video metadata
MLDonkey – mldonkey.sourceforge.net
(de, en) Site for MLDonkey users and developers
MS WIKI – msreport.ohost.de
(de, en) Informations about Microsoft and other computerfactorys/software
Mypetcard – [3]
(pt) Informations about pet's


Nedirki Wiki – nedirki.net
(de, en, tr, ku ..) wikipedinin kopyası a.q
NursingWiki – nursingwiki.org
(de, en) unrestricted information on nursing and health care


Occleve (the Open Content Learning Environment) – occleve.berlios.de/wiki/
(en, wuu, zh, other languages) An open content computer based learning system for mobile phones. Also known as PocketChinese.
Oekonux – de.wiki.oekonux.org
(de, en, es) About Linux/free software and its influences on political and economic structures oekonux.org, oekonux.de, en.wiki.oekonux.org
OmegaWiki - www.omegawiki.org
Multilingual dictionary, using WikiData extension.
OpenFacts – openfacts.berlios.de
(de, other languages) Database about open source software
OpenStreetMap – OpenStreetMap
(multilingual) project to create a free map of the world
openSUSE – opensuse.org
(in many languages) a Linux distribution
Operation Market Garden(OMG) Wiki - omgmod.org/wiki
(de, en, es, nl) Centered around the Operation Market Garden modification for Company of Heroes and its community.
OpinionPedia– opinionpedia.net
(en, fr, other) Opinions about products and services.
Othello Wiki Book Project – othello.dk/book
(en, other languages) This is a "book" about Othello game, written and edited by the joint community of Othello players..


Partitures.net – Partitures.net
(ca/en/es) Public Domain Music Score Library Project, started in Spain. At moment only this 3 languages.
Piratenwiki – wiki.piratenpartei.de
(de) Discussion, Information and Coordination platform of the German Pirate Party (See also Pirate Parties International)
Pl@ntUse - uses.plantnet-project.org/en
(en/fr) Useful plants of the world and their uses, a study case of Pl@ntNet plantnet-project.org.
Pokemon Global – pokeglobal.org
(en/pt) The official wiki of PokeNet.
Pokemon Wiki (ポケモンWiki) – wiki.xn--rckteqa2e.com/wiki/
(ja) Community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. A member of the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis group with English Bulbapedia and German PokéWiki.
PokéWiki – www.pokewiki.de/Hauptseite
(de) Community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. A member of the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis group with English Bulbapedia and Japanese ポケモンWiki.
Pornopedia – www.pornopedia.eu
(de/en/es/fr) Erotic encyclopedia


Qi Hardware – wiki.qi-hardware.com
(en/es/zh-hans) Copyleft hardware project.


Rodovid – rodovid.org
(de, es, en, fi, fr, he, id, it, ja, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sr, uk, uz) Free multilingual family tree portal.


(nn, nb, en, pt) Resource site for religion and culture, including Judaism, Sikhism and others, from a Scandinavian coastal perspective.
ScoutWiki Network – scoutwiki.org
(fi, fr, nl, en, es, de, it, sv, ja, da, cs, eo, ar, pt, uk ; images, association) The international network of scouting wikies.
Sharewiki – sharewiki.org
(de, en) Wiki about sharing, collaboration, participation, ...
Sightseeing Wiki - www.sightseeingwiki.org 
(en, de) The greatest Places of Interest around the World.
SoftX - www.softx.tk 
(en, zh-CN) Wiki about Open Source and Computer Technologies.
Steam Support Wiki – supportwiki.steampowered.com
(ar, bg, da, de, el, es, fi, fr, he, hu, it, ja, ko, lt, lv, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sv, tr, zh) Help wiki for Valve's Steam users.
Simple Silence - SimpleSilence.org 
(fr, en and other languages) Wiki dedicated to Meher Baba, the silent Indian Master, chiefly as a help for translations of texts.
Studion-Wiki – studion.cs.uni-tuebingen.de
(de) Studieninformation Online – Informationen zum Studium an der Universität Tübingen.


Tango.info – wiki.tango.info/mul
(eng, spa, other languages) tango info wiki
Technical Analysis Technical-Analysis.EU
(EN, DE, ES) Encyclopedia for Technical Analysis (Financial).
Technische Analyse – Technische-Analyse.EU
(DE, EN, ES) Fachlexikon für Technische Analyse von Wertpapieren.
Tarracowiki.cat - www.tarracowiki.cat
(ca) Local encyclopedia on Tarragona, region of Catalonia (Spain). Open and most complete wiki about this city and region.
The Document Foundation Wiki - wiki.documentfoundation.org
The official Wiki for LibreOffice and "The Documentfoundation"


Venicewiki.org. (it, other languages) The collaborative guide to Venice, Italy.
Vinismo.com. (en, fr) Open Content, multi-lingual wiki-edited wine guide.


Walkthrough - www.walkthrough.cba.pl
(pl, en) Encyclopedia about videogames and much more.
Wikia – Wikia.com
(en, other languages) Collection of Wiki sites on a great many subjects.
Wikiants – Wikiants.org
(de, en, other languages) is a free content encyclopedia for D.I.Y. and open content projects.
Wikibooks – Wikibooks.org
(en, other languages) Open Books source
Wikid Bikers – Wikidbikers.com
(en, fr) Community website and hospitality exchange network dedicated the motorcycle & tattoo culture.
WIKI-EUROPA – Tribune de la Société civile européenne
Base de connaissances humaines dans les domaines européens de la démocracie, des droits de la personne, de la gouvernance, de la société civile, de la solidarité (en, de, fr)
WikiFur – WikiFur.com
(en, es, ru, de, fr and others) Information about furry fandom
Wikimini – Wikimini.org
(fr, other languages soon) Encyclopedia for children written by children.
Wikipedia – Wikipedia.org
(en, other languages) Wiki encyclopedia
WikiPlant – WikiPlant.org
(en, de, fr, es) Wiki for plants and botany in four languages
Wikisocion – wikisocion.org
(en, ru) Encyclopedia of socionics
Wikisport.es – WikiSport.es
(es) Gran enciclopedia de resultados deportivos
Wikitravel – wikitravel.org
(en, de, es, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, pt, ro, sv so far) Up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide
Wikivoyage – wikivoyage.org
(de, it) Non-commercial world-wide travel guide and travel-related topics
WikiWheels - www.wikiwheels.org 
(en/de) Global directory of customized cars & bikes.
WordPress Codex – codex.wordpress.org
(en, other languages) An open source documentation for the popular and free WordPress blogging system
Wormux – wormux.org
(en, es, fr) About the game Wormux.
Wormux – tattoo
(en, es, fr) tattoo.


xfamily- xfamily.org
(en, es) About the cult known as "The Family" or "The Children of God".


Yehudim.eu – yehudim.eu
(en, other languages) European Jewish Heritage Project
YourWiki – yourwiki.net
(mainly en, other languages supported) Free Community Wiki Hosting service


Zenwalk Wiki – Zenwalk GNU/Linux wiki
(en, de, es, fr, it...). About the Zenwalk GNU/Linux distribution.