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Useful stuff[edit | edit source]

, mw-config

, maintenance/install.php

(Manual:install.php), Manual:Installation guide, INSTALL

API + Javascript[edit | edit source]

Developers[edit | edit source]

Misc.[edit | edit source]

Potential bugs for hacking sessions[edit | edit source]

  • As soon as gerrit:49208 is merged, propose renaming the directory mw-config → first-run (see mailarchive:wikitech-l/2013-March/067409.html)
  • Normalize nomenclature of access points (see in-wiki changes)
  • Fix "of a page X" to "of the page X", see Communication/pt.
    • Also, make it suck less in narrow browser windows (other languages cell unnecessarily long, progress indicators getting wrapped away from the corresponding languages). Make it use the flatlist/.hlist approach.
  • Special:Version/Credits
  • Harmonize special page titles (Delete page✓ / Delete → Delete file / Action completed → Page deleted / Block user → User blocked)
  • Difference between revisions of "Pagename" → Pagename | Difference between revisions
  • bugzilla:29488 - Make pages accessed from special:random display a redirect notice. Most useful for when a custom random link --e.g. Special:Random/talk-- is followed.
  • bugzilla: 3753 - Option to hide rows from Special:Contributions where the edit is the most recent to a page
  • When a category contains elements whose sort key is a space, the header in the category should be a   so that it aligns with other columns, "cont.", etc.
  • Add class to files that are redirects
  • Redirected files don't show the "redirected from" line
  • Move options (e.g. watch src & target page) not preserved if error returns editor to move page (e.g. destination page exists)
  • Special:Blocklist's wpOptions url parameter uses [] which makes link in wikitext not work correctly. why is it there anyway?
  • patrolling:
    • Autopromotion rule to make a user's edits auto-patrolled if all their previous edits (minimum: X) have been patrolled
    • The "Marked as patrolled" page's "Return to Special:RecentChanges" link should preserve the RC configs (e.g. hideanons, etc)
    • Can't patrol a redirect's first revision (mark as patrolled link should show up as it does for a new page)
    • Patrolling a the first revision of a page: no diff link in the RC, one has to click the page title, which displays the latest revision for patrolling, rather than the 1st
    • Check if this solves the issue
    • "Mark this page as patrolled" is ambiguous. Doesn't that work by revisions? Clarify.
    • Marking an edit as patrolled should have a link back to the patrolled edit!
  • What's the difference between MediaWiki:Sitesubtitle (seems to be only used in the CologneBlue skin), MediaWiki:Tagline and $wgExtraSubtitle (seems to only be used in SkinLegacy.php)? Should one of the messages be deprecated/aliased? should the config variable be deprecated? (If so, Extension:Configure needs to be updated)
  • Why doesn't [1] display entries in alphabetical order?
  • Special:Stabilization (for FlaggedRevs) should have an input box if no target is specified.
    • (and a more useful error message than this).
  • After deleting a thread reply the "return to" link should point to the thread. If deleting the whole thread, it should point to the talk page. Currently, both point to the root subject page.
  • bugzilla:44205 - rename userrights to usergroups
  • bugzilla:42964 - Add support for more types of Flickr URLs to UploadWizard
  • bugzilla:27087 - Rename curid and wgArticleId to pageid and wgPageId
  • bugzilla:10268 - Watchlist RSS feed should include diffs (like page history rss does. See also: bugzilla:471 - Basic XML Feed support for watchlist)
    • Does RC feed omit diffs for pages in the MediaWiki namespace?
  • bugzilla: 7908 - Footnotes content should appear in a tooltip | bugzilla:5231 - Mouseover explanations for interlanguage links in native languages
  • bugzilla:14901 - Email notification mistakes log action for new page creation (don't send emails saying a page was created when it was deleted, protected, etc. See also Extension:Email notification/to-do. Also, there was a post in the planet wikimedia about simplifying the email text, but I can't find it... outreach:Account Creation Improvement Project/Testing content#Email welcome?). Meta-bug for email notification issues: bugzilla:1932
  • Special:UserList and Special:ActiveUsers: Add option to filter out blocked users.
  • Special:UserList: Contribs filter should include only non-deleted contribs count.
  • Add checkbox to Patrol log to allow hiding automatic patrols
  • Undeleting a page should show a checkbox to undelete the corresponding subject/talk dual
  • Investigate illegal title issues (see gmail chat log w/ Robin, Manual:$wgIllegalFileChars, Manual:$wgLegalTitleChars, docs/title.txt, and includes/Title.php's getTitleInvalidRegex())
    • try uploading a file and setting its target filename to include a /
  • "Associated namespace" checkbox in Special:RecentChanges should work also when namespace filter is inverted
  • auto-generated icons for sidebar items: lowercase everything; replace periods (and possibly other special characters) with dashes
  • Why is Media: a virtual namespace rather than a parser function?
  • Is it possible to change the url when following a redirect? what are the drawbacks? cache invalidation? reload (new http request)?
  • would it be possible to enable transclusion of Special:Random?
  • Allow preloadtext= parameter to index.php so wikitext can be passed directly in the url (and thus customized, while a preload file can't take parameters). See Manual:Creating pages with preloaded text and Manual:Parameters to index.php#Options affecting the edit form
  • Allow filtering popular pages by namespace (e.g. Special:PopularPages/talk). Also allow transcluding it and adding a limit (Special:PopularPages/10 or Special:PopularPages?limit=10). This would enable making a box similar to the common "popular posts" feature in various blogging platforms.
  • Implement wikicreole parsing using the approach suggested in this thead (see also a very interesting analogy with spoken languages, by Thomas Dalton)

* Note: These are my personal estimates. I have no idea how optimistic I'm being in some of these.

Toolserver projects[edit | edit source]

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Overview of existing documentation
    • Collect all skin-related links from, meta, en.wikipedia, the source code, etc.
    • Summarize each link
    • Complete the first draft of the proposed manual in the "proposed overview" section
    • Request review of the overview, for correctness. Potential people to contact for this:
      • Matma Rex restored one of the old skins (Cologne Blue) to make it conform to the modern system based on templates
      • Ryan Lane has fixed up the strapping-mediawiki skin
      • Daniel Friesen has written quite a bit about the skin system
      • Trevor Parscal was, I believe, one of the main people involved in creating Vector
      • Krinkle seems to be quite knowledgeable about how skins work, judging from some of his comments to Gerrit patches I've seen
      • Jack Phoenix (see here)
      • Liangent (suggested by Sumana)
  • My CSS tweaks: notes at meta:User talk:Waldir/common.css, code at meta:User:Waldir/vector.css
  • Wouldn't it be great if mediawiki was like the CSS Zen Garden? Then skins would be only a CSS file. Why isn't this possible? Maybe when there's support for recent CSS features for layout manipulation, such as flex, grid (note: grid is still a long way to come), move-to, order?

Meta MW documentation[edit | edit source]