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My primary wiki homepage is at, also Wikipedia:User:Skierpage, meta:User:Skierpage. (Where's project Wikipedia:Xanadu's transclusion when you need it?!)

Mediawiki's faked transclusion parameters[edit | edit source]

E.g. Wikimedia Engineering uses Template:Wikimedia project shortdesc which uses |display=linkedname}} and |display=description}} to only show certain information from a page. Really cool.

{:Page Title|display=description}} appears to pull information from a page, but it's not a generic way to do this. It only works for pages that

  • Put all their main text inside a <noinclude>, so it's left out of transclusion.
  • Have a special infobox template that interprets this display= param
    • This implies. a param to a transcluded page is also passed to (all?) its templates!!?
    • That template switches on the display param to only show some of its values, using some ugly-looking template logic.

Seems a complex way of getting info out of a page's infobox. Why not a version of Labeled Section Transclusion that locates any infobox param?