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Avid gamer, especially the older stuff.

  • Twin Galaxies Sinclair ZX Spectrum Referee.
  • System Leader at HARP for Sega Genesis/Megadrive & Bally Astrocade.
  • (Inactive) Confirmer at MARP (not that this is a big achievement!)
  • Accessible gaming achievements:

Various Wiki Guises:

§DateTime Template Function[edit | edit source]

metawikipedia:User:Barthax/DateTime Template Function

§RSS Broken[edit | edit source]

§Issue[edit | edit source]

Known issue with adding extensions/new includes: if the RSS feed gets broken, check the source of the rss page & if a new line or multiple new lines appear prior to the XML tag, you have the Broken RSS feed issue described here.

§Cause[edit | edit source]

A common cause is the addition of blank lines in php files which are external to the <?php and ?> tags - this is especially true of some text editors where an additional line at the end is "inserted" by the unhelpful-editor during a paste operation or copied by the unhelpful-browser during copy.

§Resolution[edit | edit source]

Check the LocalSettings.php file and any file which is included via the LocalSettings.php page (such as require_once('extensions/SpecialInterwiki.php');). For each of these files, ensure no lines appear prior to the <?php open tag at the start of the file and no lines occur after the ?> close tag at the end of the file. If so, remove the extra lines.

§Additional Note[edit | edit source]

Depending on the content of the page, there may be additional lines mid-way through the included file. A careful examination of the file is required to ensure:

  1. The php within the file is not broken by a change.
  2. The functionality of the include/extension is not broken by a change.