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Tony Thomas (tonythomas)
Student, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, Amritapuri
Where there is a WiFi, there is a way!
Tony Thomas (tonythomas)

§About me

Hi! I am a Computer Science Engineering student at Amrita School of Engineering, Kerala. I am an active member of the FOSS Community here, FOSS@Amrita, and gets lab hours till 11:00pm :). I am a regular user of the GNU/Linux OS and a die-hard Open Source fan. My first contribution to Open Source was to MediaWiki. Since then, I had been a consistent contributer to the MediaWiki core and extensions.
The beauty of WikiMedia community keeps me working with it. I could mentor and help many of my friends to do their First Contributions.

§My work

Had contributed few bug fixes to MediaWiki Core, MW-Extensions.
* Gerrit Changes : Changes owner:01tonythomas
* Github link : tonythomas01
* My Blog : Through The Pages
* My GSoC-'14 Project : Adding Proper Handling to MediaWiki Email Bounces (Using VERP). Mentored by Jeff Green,Kunal Mehta

§Contact me

  • Reachout
    *WikiMedia User Page: User:01tonythomas
    * E-mail:
    * GTalk IM: 01tonythomas
    * Github : tonythomas01
    * IRC Nick: tonythomas on freenode
    * Facebook : 01tonythomas
    * Channels: #wikimedia-dev, #mediawiki, #wikimedia-tech