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The Core Features team has enabled Flow on this talk page.

Previous feedback is on Talk:Flow Portal/Archive2 (using old Liquid Threads), and on our labs server.

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Search/filter in topic contents and title

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Nuxtalk contribs

Previously (without Flow) you could simply search with browser tools (CTRL+F). As Flow doesn't show all topics with all content there should be some search and/or filtering mechanisms. Content search would be useful on large discussion pages when you are searching for something specific.

As for filtering it would be very useful to show only "topics I contributed to" or "topics I watch".

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"Exception Caught: Interwiki to my_wiki not implemented"

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Tamrieltalk contribs

I'm using todays Flow Version.
1) New Threads are not saved, they disappear when I leave the site.
2) When I "answer", I get the Exception above.

Other Extensions I use:

Flow Config:
$wgFlowParsoidURL = 'http://localhost:63179';
$wgFlowParsoidPrefix = localhost;
$wgFlowParsoidTimeout = 100;

Wiki Version: 1.24wmf22

Gryllidatalk contribs

How do you get that?

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Internal error at [[Topic:Rvn1lfzn6r8vn0db]]

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

Going to page Topic:Rvn1lfzn6r8vn0db produces

[516969bf] 2014-09-21 19:17:04: Fatal exception of type MWException
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Templates in topic titles can be expanded

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

I created a topic with title {{draft}}. Quite correctly, that's how it renders on the Flow page. However, there are circumstances under which the template expands, such as here. Presumably that shouldn't happen?

PS: the same with <math>, here.

PPS: {{collapse top}} as a title also creates problems.

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Flow topics do not appear in categories

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

I tried to add Topic:S2rjakm9xomtshnq to Category:Testing, but it does not seem to show up there. Is that intentional?

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Flow topics appear to have their own talk pages

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

It appears that Flow topics have their own talk pages: I found one by accident, and found that I could create and edit it. Is that desirable?

Gryllidatalk contribs

Hi, thanks. What is your entry point to a talk page and are you sure it's not just a random page with a name you made up on the spot? I see "Topic", I don't see "Topic talk" tab personally.

Sänger S.Gtalk contribs

The talk page is here, deleted twice in the sandbox, but I think it's somehow protected now, for whatever reason.

Deltahedrontalk contribs

The template {{TALKPAGENAME}} on this topic gives the name :S2rkofnrcs9kllj9. If you enclose in in double brackets, S2rkofnrcs9kllj9 creates a link to a page you can edit. It seems reasonable to describe a page linked to by TALKPAGENAME as the talk page.

In the case I reported, the page was created from this page by using the {{draft}} template.

My question, is it intended that that should happen and is it desirable?

By the way, in future please do not suggest that other editors are making things up.

Jay8gtalk contribs

Well, it's not really a talk page, but just a random page in mainspace, so that's an issue with {{TALKPAGENAME}}. However, if you manually go to Topic talk:S2rkofnrcs9kllj9, you also get a page you can create, which does not seem desirable at first glance, though I guess this is also just a random page in mainspace, since the Topic talk namespace doesn't exist.

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Editing a comment after it has been replied to

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

It seems to be possible to edit a comment after it has been replied to. There does not seem to be any warning that there are replies depending on a previous state of the comment, nor is there any clear indication that the reply is to an old version of the comment. Of course it is possible to do this in raw wikitext, but Flow is going to be so much better as a discussion system.

Could Flow make it clear when editing a comment that there are depedent replies, please?

Could Flow indicate that a reply is to a previous version of the comment, please?

Gryllidatalk contribs

There is a clear indication. Each message has two timestamps, creation and edit timestamp.

For example for this one:
  • 23:36, 21 September 2014 • 23:35, 21 September 2014
Deltahedrontalk contribs

You can indeed find this information. My suggestion is that instead of my doing that work, the Flow software should do it.

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We just got hit by a live example Flow Failure Case

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Alseetalk contribs

A hyper-partisan website with substantial traffic just LINKED DIRECTLY TO ONE OF OUR TALK PAGES because it wanted its own ATTACK-PIECE inserted into our BIO OF A LIVING PERSON.

The current talk page is currently struggling to sort out what, if anything, should go into the article. The issue here is not about the specific content. I hope I don't have to explain to anyone why this is event is a Very Bad Thing, how this would become common if Talk were ever replaced with Flow, and how the impact would be catastrophic under Flow.

Deltahedrontalk contribs

As far as I can tell, this is exactly what the strategy behind Flow is about. If Flow makes it easier for newcomers to edit the talk page, then that is deemed to be a Good Thing, and a success, not a failure for Flow. Of course, it may be that you and I think it a Bad Thing for building an encyclopaedia, but WMF think otherwise. Indeed, the WMB Board chair is on record as saying that

  • We want to attract new editors. They don’t have to become heavy editors, they could even contribute once in a while, as long as we get lots of them. We have to make it easy enough for anyone to contribute so that people once again feel that “anyone can edit.”
  • If that means changing the dynamic, this might very well be the time that we have to do that.
Sänger S.Gtalk contribs

As long as a proper talk page is still provided, the troll-space provided by flow could simply be ignored by the proper users and editors of an encyclopedia. If one day this troll-space will become the only talk page, it's no fun any longer.

Gryllidatalk contribs

That is where I personally would like to see means to weed out trolling from talk pages while not removing it entirely. Having +/- buttons for comments was a thought. Some people rejected it as they think that it would make it harder for people to work. But I see it as an additional sorting criterion (in addition to time created and time edited of a topic) and, if the total "score" is hidden enough (i.e. only used for sorting but is not visible), I think it could be a productive feature.

Deltahedrontalk contribs

In the case under discssion that would give yet another means of disrupting the conversation to visitors who want to argue about the topic rather than discuss collegially how to improve the article.

Alseetalk contribs

Did you ever read my comments on your discussion page why +/- would be bad?

It's particularly ironic that you're raising +/- again on this thread, with a wingnut site like thefederalist linking directly to a talk page. The wingnuts would flood minus-ratings at all of the legitimate editor's comments. My head wants to explode when you call it a "productive feature".

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Title change not reflected in prompt

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

If you change the title of a thread, then reply to the thread, the prompt in the reply box still prompts for a reply to the old title

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Changing a title which is 256 characters long

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

If you create a title of exactly 256 characters, it works fine. Then try editing it to add a sibgle character at the beginning. That seems to work, but actually truncates the title by about 50 characters. See

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