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The Core Features team has enabled Flow on this talk page.

Previous feedback is on Talk:Flow Portal/Archive2 (using old Liquid Threads), and on our labs server.

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Clicking title to collapse

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Erik Moeller (WMF)talk contribs

In the default-state, all topics are expanded, and I can click a title to collapse a topic.

It's not clear to me why I'd ever want to collapse an individual topic. Is there a real use case for this?

There is a point here about consistency, I guess, since we can switch all topics to being collapsed by default. I'm skeptical that this is useful, and suspect a true TOC of some kind would be more valuable than something I have to use to switch back and forth.

As for clicking the title, I would suggest quicker access to editing titles, perhaps by double-clicking them.

Curious if other people find the current behavior useful as-is.

Diego Moyatalk contribs

I agree it's not much useful in its current form, but it could be a way to allow partial access to just some relevant content in the thread.

The collapse/reveal behavior would be useful for a "recent updates/diff" view, where each topic were collapsed except for the few comments posted or changed since your last visit (plus the single comment above each new one of them, shown for context, as we have in the current diff views).

When accessing such "changelog" view, it would be useful to have a click on the header to expand all comments and allowing the user to revise the full thread, after having read just what was new.

Klipetalk contribs

I do find this proposal of having the collapsed mode show just the diffs in a changelog view very interesting (although I still don't like the "click on header" interface, as explained below).

Klipetalk contribs

I do collapse individual topics from time to time. I do it for long ones in the default "all topics expanded" mode, or for any topics I just read when looking at the board in "all topics collapsed" mode.

However, I don't like the "click on the title to collapse" interface. In particular, I find it very much annoying that topics get collapsed every time I try to select (part of) their title for copy/pasting. I would prefer a small active zone (e.g. a visual indication of the collapsed/expanded state to the left of the title, in the grey title box) on which to click to change the state, while the title itself can be selected normally.

This said, collapsing individual topics may become less useful once we'll have a real ToC...

In case we want a quick access to "edit title", then again (double) clicking on it would interfere with standard text selection functionality (double click typically selects a whole word). More fundamentally, I think that such a quick access would be marginally useful and bring more confusion. To me, "edit title" is a comparatively seldom action and may therefore stay in the "other actions" menu behind the dots triplet icon. If this action becomes accessible with just one (double) click, then new/occasional users may suddenly find themselves in an "edit title" mode without knowing how they went there. They may even not realise what they are doing and just start typing something!

In any case, thanks for having brought this topic forward. I'm curious to read other's opinions on the matter.

Diego Moyatalk contribs

Thinking more about it I agree that the function has uses. For example on mobile there won't be enough space for a ToC on the side, so it would be useful there to have the whole board collapsed and working as its own index. Article pages on the mobile interface work that way, and it's a reasonable approach.

And I concur that linking the action to a click on the title box seems weird, like it would be having double click to edit; all interactive actions should be tied to a button or link working as an affordance to suggest that the action is possible, and giving a hint as to what is their effect.

Double click in particular is a gesture with accessibility problems, and it can always be replaced by two successive single clicks - one to focus and select the item, and a second click on the focused item to trigger the action. A fast "click to edit" command could work that way.

Hhhippotalk contribs

I use it once in a while, too, as a way for marking a thread as read, but I agree (and I'm sure I nagged about that before) that clicking something that doesn't look like a link or button is not intuitive. My suggestion would be to implement this ;-) and then apply a similar approach to the topic title: Start the bottom line in the title box with the collapse/expand triangle icon, followed by n comments with the same mouse function. After that come the Reply link and the timestamp.

I also think that editing the title is rare, and can stay in the "..." menu. Assigning a double click on the title to this function would not be very discoverable. What one could maybe consider is showing the "..." menu also for a right-click on the title, if we can (and want to) steal that mouse event from the browser.

Using collapsing to guide the reader to new activity would be a nice feature. I've been meaning to include that in more detail in my suggestions regarding Partial collapsing and monitoring activity. Maybe I find the time...

Hhhippotalk contribs

I got notified about the creation of this topic by Echo, but it didn't show up in my watchlist, even though I'm watching the board. Is that a known bug?

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Leading spaces in titles behave oddly

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

It seems possible to edit leading spaces inti a title, and they are there when you save. But when you edit the title again, they are no longer there.

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Flow edits don't count

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

I just noticed that edits to Flow pages don't seem to be listed on the edit counter tool .

Quiddity (WMF)talk contribs

That's tracked at bugzilla:61887

Deltahedrontalk contribs

Thanks for the pointer: I see that bug report has not been commented on since February. Is it proposed to fix this at some stage?

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Overlong title bug

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

Still happening

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Have bugs been fixed?

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

I have reported some things which appeared at the time to be bugs, and where the unwanted or unexpected behaviour no longer occurs. While it's nice to see that bugs can be fixed so quickly, it would be nice to have some comment here, for example, adding the bug report number when it's picked up, and a later comment to say that it has been fixed.

Quiddity (WMF)talk contribs

The stream of bug-activity can be seen at here for example (the last 2 weeks of bugzilla "changes" in the Flow component). It's difficult to update prior reports, because they originally come from a large variety of locations (wikis/mailing lists/IRC/direct email/trello). The move to Phabricator should eventually ease some of this, but it'll still be complicated because everyone files bugs in different styles and with different amounts of context.

(I am personally backlogged on filing bugs, and reading/replying to comments, on all wikis. However, I do appreciate the testing and bug-discovery you've been doing in the Sandbox. Thanks again!)

Deltahedrontalk contribs

Thank you for the pointer -- I had previously not been aware of the existence of that page.

Deltahedrontalk contribs

Nonetheless, for the future, when I report a bug here on this page, and the report is read, and mapped across to Bugzilla, I would appreciate some indication that notice has been taken of my report. In addition, the link you gave is much less useful without knowng the Bugzilla reference number. I do not see that as some kind of optional extra if users' bug reports are considered an integral part of your development effort. Perhaps if your team is too busy to do this, you should ask us to hold off reporting bugs until the team is able to deal with them appropriately?

Quiddity (WMF)talk contribs

Re: the bugzilla link - it's just a basic time-limited search. The columns that appear (in any default search) can be configured for yourself, by clicking "Change Columns" at the bottom of the page. (Strangely, the ID (reference number) column appears for me at the far left, in all my test browsers (including anonymous modes). Does this version work differently for you? (It looks the same to me, but it specifies "id" in the columnlist).)

Re: backlog - Danny is currently working on a documentation/timeline update, which should help us all discuss "a few topics at a time" rather than "everything at once" (which is a core part of the reason we're so backlogged). That is hoped to be ready by next/this week. So, please keep the bug reports coming as you find them, but the faster you find them the longer it will take to process them (logically!) and to respond to everything else. (And yes, I'll try harder to update all 3 places when I file a bug (bugzilla + trello + original reported location). Thanks for your patience.)

Deltahedrontalk contribs

I meant that if a bug is reported here, and then copied over to Bugzilla by a member of the team without leaving a comment here about what the Bugzilla reference number is, then it is hard to use the listing to correlate the report here with the status of the report on Bugzilla.

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WIBNI infinite scrolling

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

It would be nice if on reaching the botton of the page, while waiting for another chunk to load, we could pop up a little messages saying something like You have reached topic number 123 out of 456, now loading numbers 124-156

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Unable to open individual topics

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

Something odd: if I go to an individual topic such as this one, for example. by clicking on it from my watch list or the permalink, I seem unable to open it by clicking on the title, or to reply by clocking on "Reply". But if I click on it from this page, then it works as expected.

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Mark message as read

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Hhhippotalk contribs

In the Echo flyout, the "x" marking a Flow-related message as read is quite far away from the right edge for me (FF, MonoBook). For truncated topic titles it's actually overlapping with the "...", resulting in an artistically interesting, but not very useful figure.

Btw., my pre-Flow intuition says that clicking an "x" makes something dissapear rather than being marked as read. I don't think a message should dissapear when read, but I'm wondering if "x" is the best choice of glyph here. Thunderbird uses a green bullet and bold text for unread, and a grey bullet and regular text for read, a similar pattern is used on MediaWiki watchlist and history pages. Having a glyph on read messages would also provide an easy route to implementing an option to manually switch a message back to unread.

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Oddities on hidden comment

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Deltahedrontalk contribs

If I hide a comment, it has a footer saying something like

Edited 3 minutes ago . 4 minutes ago

If I hover over the first part, it changes to

[object Object]]

If I leave the page and return, then the footer looks the same but now when I hover I get a sensible timestamp.

Presumably these should read Hidden and Edited respectively? I object to the object Object object.

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