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Our new multimedia team at the Wikimedia Foundation was formed to build features that will enable easier contributions and viewing of multimedia content to Wikimedia projects.

Here are our main user-facing projects at this time:

We invite your comments in these discussions:

Goals[edit | edit source]

Our Multimedia Vision for 2016. Learn more

Rationale[edit | edit source]

Multimedia enables users to learn about the world in vastly different ways than text articles. We believe that images, sounds and videos are key to engaging more users and supporting their diverse learning styles, as modern culture shifts towards more audio-visual than textual information delivery.

To better serve our users in this changing information landscape, we can greatly improve the educational value of our sites by empowering everyone to share media, collaborate on improving that media, and using that media well throughout Wikipedia, Commons, and MediaWiki sites.

For more information, take a look at our proposed Multimedia Vision for 2016 (see slides to the right) -- and visit our planning page for 2014-15.

2014 Goals[edit | edit source]

Here are the multimedia team's feature goals for the coming year:

  • Improve the viewing experience
  • Enable seamless contributions
  • Help add media files to articles
  • Better integrate Wikipedia and Commons

And here are our infrastructure goals:

  • Improve the upload pipeline
  • Implement structured data

Current projects[edit | edit source]

The multimedia team is now focusing on these near-term projects:

To learn more, visit our planning page for 2014-15 -- and review our proposed Multimedia Vision for 2016. To track features now in development, visit our new current cycle board.

Status[edit | edit source]


Media Viewer's new 'minimal design'.
In July, the multimedia team reviewed more feedback about Media Viewer, from three separate Requests for Comments on the English and German Wikipedias, as well as on Wikimedia Commons. Based on this community feedback, the team worked to make the tool more useful for readers, while addressing editor concerns. We are now considering a new 'minimal design', which would include: a much more visible link to the File: page; an even easier way to disable the tool; a caption or description right below the image; removing additional metadata below the image, directing users to the File: page instead.

As described in our improvements plan, these new features are being prototyped and will be carefully tested with target users in August, so we can validate their effectiveness before developing and deploying them in September. You can see some of our thinking in this presentation.

This month, we continued to work on the Structured Data project with the Wikidata team and many community members, to implement machine-readable data on Wikimedia Commons. We prepared to host a range on online and in-person discussions to plan this project with our communities, and aim to develop our first experiments in October, based on their recommendations. We also continued a major code refactoring for the UploadWizard, as well as fixed a number of bugs for some of our other multimedia tools.

Last but not least, we prepared seven different multimedia roundtables and presentations for Wikimania 2014, which we will report on in more depth in August. For now, you can keep up with our work by joining the multimedia mailing list.

Team[edit | edit source]

Multimedia Team members: Gilles, Mark, Fabrice, Gergo and Aaron (left to right)

Our multimedia team includes:

Community[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia Foundation invites community members from Wikipedia, Commons and other MediaWiki projects to discuss our plans through a variety of discussions about multimedia issues and new feature ideas. We hope you can join us for one of these events.

Join our mailing list

To keep up with our work and participate in our conversations, please join our public Multimedia mailing list, where we discuss software tools that support the viewing, contribution, curation, discovery and use of multimedia content on Wikipedia, Commons and other MediaWiki projects. Learn more and subscribe to this list on this page.

Current discussions

We invite your comments on these community discussions:

We plan to host more discussions this year, and our next dates will be posted below in coming weeks.

Past discussions

Here are links to some of our recent discussions about multimedia with community members:

These discussions were generally found productive by all participants, and many community insights are now being included in the foundation's development plans. Thanks to everyone who participated in these invaluable conversations!

Communications[edit | edit source]

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