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Mediawiki asks to save a .gz file instead of opening links

Hi there,

I'm experiencing an issue on a wiki i've installed several months ago.

the addresses:

the issue: When clicking any url to navigate through the wiki pages, sometimes the browser asks to save a .gz file. The filename depends on the page that has been clicked, "Main_Page.gz". Inside the archive there is a file Main_Page.html of 1KB.

other notes: The issue occurs on SRWare Iron (Chromium) Version 23.0.1300.0 (170000) Firefox does not seem to suffer from this problem, and so it's for Chrome 24.0.1312.52 m

Does anybody know why this happens?

Frafor (talk)15:38, 18 January 2013

I'm confused. Does it occur with "Chrome 24.0.1312.52" ?

I think this would be an issue you need to report to SRWare, not here. It sounds like a problem with compression handling with that browser.

MarkAHershberger(talk)05:26, 19 January 2013

It does not happen with chrome. I'll try to contact SRWare, despite the fact that it's happening since january, before i couldn't notice it, maybe it's due to a browser upgrade... the weird thing is that on the "pool" installation used as repository ( i can't replicate the behaviour.

However i'm slightly relievied by the fact that Iron is not such a widespread browser, so users won't notice this issue.

Frafor (talk)08:07, 19 January 2013

It IS happening to me on Chrome, Version 29.0.1547.66 m. I'm not sure if it's the browser or the specific MediaWiki install, but it tends to happen if you click a link before the page is done loading? 18:04, 10 September 2013 (UTC), 10 September 2013

I've clicked around on your wiki and can't duplicate this at all.

MarkAHershberger(talk)16:39, 13 September 2013

This has been happening to me for the past two weeks now.

Masked Turk (talk)20:01, 26 September 2013

Images not displaying

In this wiki the images are not displayed. I tried both with uploading some or using the InstantCommons features (like in the main page), but the result is the same. The software is 1.16.5 and I cannot upgrade it since the hosting server support a PhP compatible to this version at the best. Any suggestion?, 23 October 2014

Read access to the folder is forbidden. Try contacting your webmaster.

Ricordisamoa19:38, 23 October 2014

Please upgrade mediawiki from 1.16.5 to mediawiki 1.23.5 or wait until November to get 1.24 or upgrade to mediawiki 1.23 and then upgrade to mediawiki 1.24 when released., 24 October 2014

Please also upgrade php from, 5.2 to 5.3 please to work with latest version of mediawiki., 24 October 2014

You also can upgrade to 1.19.x, which is the latest stable and supported branch, that supports PHP < 5.3.2 (if you can not upgrade your PHP version). But, you should try to figure out ways to upgrade your php version, because MW 1.19 support will end in May 2015.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)11:17, 24 October 2014

Hello, as I explained I cannot upgrade as I downloaded the latest version compatible with the PhP version on my university's server. I really would like to use the latest version, but I can't do it for now. Isn't a way to display images in this software though?, 25 October 2014

Off-line editing of mediawiki site?

Hi! I recently setup a new site using MediaWiki (latest version). As I travel a lot, I would like to be able to edit content while offline (say during long trips) and then simply sync my changes when back online (say when I get home). Is there anything doing this? I own a MacBook Pro, but I can easily create a virtual machine (Win, Linux).

Thanks for any help!, 25 October 2014


I do not know of an easy way of doing so. Are you the only one working on the wiki? If so, then you could install a webserver on your laptop and store the wiki on that laptop as well. Another option would be to create a copy of the wiki and take this copy with you on the laptop. Later you can then replace the old version with the new stuff you now have on the laptop. These options will not work, if also others are working on the wiki. In this case, I do not know of an easy solution right now., 25 October 2014

Is there a way to preemptively create a user account?

I have a group of people who will be accessing my wiki in the near future. They currently do not have accounts. I would like to have them be in a particular user group, before they login for the first time. This way they will have the permissions they need without having to login and then ask to be added to a user group. Is there some way to pre-populate the user's accounts? I'm looking at the user table and it looks like I could populate new rows there and in user_groups to make this happen. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!, 24 October 2014

Just go to the normal create account form while logged in and you can create additional accounts for people there., 25 October 2014

I understand the question that 108.217... wants to have accounts created (in which way ever), but these accounts should then automatically be put into a certain usergroup.

MediaWiki does have the maintenance script createAndPromote.php. So if you create the accounts from the shell, then you can add groups. However, this script only allows to add the groups sysop, bureaucrat or bot to the user account. Other groups are not possible. Anyway, based on that script, you maybe can write an own script, which basically does exactly the same, but also allows to add other groups.

I am even asking myself, why only these few selected groups should be possible. It is absolutely ok to have other groups with different names as well and it surely does make sense to be able to put users into these other groups as well. An according feature request might be an idea!, 25 October 2014

Approve edits before publishing


Is there a way to approve edits before publishing the content to all? If yes, could you please let me know the steps to configure the same.

Regards Gopi. R

2001:4898:80E8:EE31:0:0:0:316:34, 22 October 2014


That is possible with Extension:FlaggedRevs., 22 October 2014
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 01:36, 25 October 2014

Thanks for the info.

Actually I'm trying “Extension:Approved Revs” for the same but getting into the below issue.

Installed “Extension:Approved Revs” to prevent publishing changes to a page until approval. For that, I did the below changes but still I could not see the (approve) link on history page. Also, the changes made on the pages are published directly to all the users.

1. Created a folder “ApprovedRevs” inside extension folder and copied all the files.

2. Executed the DB scripts to create the DB objects

3. Added the below configuration in the LocalSettings PHP file

       require_once( "$IP/extensions/ApprovedRevs/ApprovedRevs.php" );

       $wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;

       $egApprovedRevsBlankIfUnapproved = true;

       $wgGroupPermissions['*']['viewlinktolatest'] = false;

       $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['viewlinktolatest'] = true;

       $egApprovedRevsAutomaticApprovals = false;

       $egApprovedRevsShowApproveLatest = true;

Am I missing anything? Appreciate your help. Thanks

Regards Gopi. R

2001:4898:80E8:EE31:0:0:0:400:47, 25 October 2014

search box autocomplete slow

I am still new here, and my wiki is starting to have problems with the search box autocomplete slowing down. What took 1-3 sec. now takes 6 sec. to give a suggestion list of pages from the upper right search box. Could I get a top 12 list of common things to do / check when the search box autocomplete slows down? Think it would help me and others. Thank you a head of time.

Product and Version information to take into consideration:

MediaWiki 1.21.2 PHP 5.4.14 (cgi-fcgi) MySQL 5.5.25, 2 October 2014

You could try running the rebuildall.php script to rebuild the searchindex. Basically this table should be up to date, but I have seen cases, where old pages did not get removed properly leading to wrong entries in the table., 2 October 2014

That is a good tip. I also like to use rebuildLocalisationCache.php --force as part of the maintenance I do.

1. run rebuildall.php and rebuildLocalisationCache.php --force 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Any other suggestions? Anyone?, 2 October 2014


How long takes a normal page view, until it's finished? Is it slow, too?

P.S.: You should think about to upgrade your MediaWiki version, 1.21 isn't supported anymore :)

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)15:06, 3 October 2014

Normal Page loads quickly. And, yes I will be upgrading at some point., 9 October 2014

Hi please upgrade to mediawiki 1.23 and for the slow search bar it could be that the server is slow., 11 October 2014

Drop-down Sidebar

Hello everybody,

I'm new here so be kind please :)

I put a mediawiki on my computer and I'm using the vector skin. Now, in my sidebar I would make a drop-down menu like it is on MediaWiki (when you click on support, you can see or cache the menus, help, manuel, etc). How can I do that ?

I have tested TreeAndMenu extention but it's not what I want. It's really like menu dropdown of MediaWiki Sidebar.

Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my english, I'm french)

Balbitus08:08, 14 October 2010

same issue over here in Italy... the toplevels and submenus of the *-lists in 'Mediawiki:Sidebar' are displayed statically in 'vector-skin'; looking at the source there is no javascript events on the toplevel entries; is javascript to be enabled with some global setting somewhere else!?

LucaPost15:19, 14 October 2010

I tried to take the source code of and put it into my own wiki, but no change. I do the same with common.css.... Maybe it's in skin.php. Anyone can help us ?

Balbitus13:54, 15 October 2010

did you found out something?, 21 October 2010

Yes, got it working finally.

You need to install the UsabilityInitiative extension and maybe also read this thread on LucaPost 17:11, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

LucaPost17:11, 21 October 2010

Hi and welcome,

I too am a bit new, but have had success with the Extension called "SideBarMenu"

You WILL have to use download and install it by using Composer or ExtensionInstaller to get all the dependencies. I used Composer.


1. Copy SideBarMenu to /path/to/mediawiki/extension/

2. append "require_once( "$IP/extensions/SideBarMenu/SideBarMenu.php" );" to LocalSettings.php Should anyone know of anything better please add to the thread. 

Rimille (talk)00:20, 25 October 2014

br tag in the footer

  • version 1.23.5
  • recent update from 1.15 to 1.23.5
  • French version

After Lastmodifiedatby message, a br balise appears in plain text. I don't know why. Thank you, 24 October 2014

Wikimedia Conferentie site geeft Fatal error

Bolt - Fatal error. Bolt could not connect to the database. Make sure the database is configured correctly in app/config/config.yml, that the database engine is running.

Since you're using pdo_mysql, you should also make sure that the database bolt exists, and the configured user has access to it.

This is a fatal error. Please fix the error, and refresh the page. Bolt can not run, until this error has been corrected. Make sure you've read the instructions in the documentation for help. If you can't get it to work, post a message on our forum, and we'll try to help you out. Be sure to include the exact error message you're getting!, 24 October 2014

This error is currently being displayed at, 24 October 2014

Hmm, it's working for me.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)15:40, 24 October 2014

Yepp, now it's working again., 24 October 2014

Access auf bestimmte Seiten im Wiki

Guten Nachmittag,

wir möchten in unserem Wiki den Zugang für einige oder mehrere Seiten für unagemeldete Benutzer und für Besuchern sperren, sodass diese Nutzer nicht in der Lage sind diese Seiten zu besuchen. Folgende Seiten möchten wir vollständig vor Besuchern und unangemeldete Besnutzer zugangsmäßig sperrig:

  • Benutzerseiten und benutzeranhängende Seiten
  • Alle Diskussionsseiten aller Namensräume
  • Spezial:Letzte Änderungen, 24 October 2014

Hallo! Du solltest dir am besten folgendes Handbuch durchlesen:


MediaWiki ist und wurde nicht dafür designed, einen Seitenbasierten Zugriffsschutz zu bieten. Ohne Extensions geht da gar nichts, und selbst mit kann es sein, dass dein gewünschtes Ziel nicht erreicht werden kann.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)15:38, 24 October 2014

Vincular Google con Wikipedia


Queremos vincular nuestra página de Wikipedia para que cuando realicen en Google una búsqueda sobre nosotros, salga nuestra web y al lado el perfil de Google+ con información de Wikipedia.

¿Cómo podemos hacer esto?

Gracias, 24 October 2014

I understand that you want to link the Spanish Wikipedia to Google search results. However, I do not understand, what exactly you want to do., 24 October 2014

Deleted categories still in extended search

After deleting categories I'm still able to choose them under extended search., 24 October 2014

Problem with Homepage

Hello everybody,

I have a serious problem with my homepage. I renamed it this morning, and when I click on my logo, I arrive on a frightful redirect page.

How shall we do it ???

Thank you for your help, 23 October 2014

Try editing the "MediaWiki:Mainpage" message accordingly.

Ricordisamoa19:34, 23 October 2014

How editing the "MediaWiki:Mainpage" ??? I don't understand your message. Where is the "MediaWiki:Mainpage" ???, 24 October 2014

You can edit the wiki page MediaWiki:Mainpage in your wiki. This page points to the main page of your wiki and that is what the logo links to. If you moved the main page, then you should adjust the text on this page accordingly so that the logo links to the correct place again., 24 October 2014

Html tags not working

Hello, some of the tags in my wiki doesnt work.

for example <img> works but <img src= ... . ... > doesnt work

also when i create table the wiki doesnt recognizes <tbody> tags.

There are some other tags like this which wiki doesnt recognize. What could be the reason for this?, 24 October 2014

Image Thumbnail : Error creating thumbnail: '"/convert"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Error code: 1

Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 09:52, 17 October 2014

Morning everyone, I'm currently configuring a wiki for a project, everything seems to be working fine and mediawiki is great.

Only missing point that I'm facing is the image thumb-nailing not working =/

When I upload a file, I always get this error message in thumb section:

Error creating thumbnail: '"/convert"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Error code: 1

The setup:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • XAMPP 1.8.3
  • MediaWiki 1.23.5
  • PHP 5.5.15 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL5.6.20

I've installed ImageMagick and it's working as environment variable. I used this release: ImageMagick-6.8.9-8-Q16-x64-dll.exe which installs everything (or not maybe) needed for windows running. The install dir is placed under ../extensions/ of MediaWiki just to be on the safe that htdocs can have access to convert command. But still i got the error.

[MediaWiki configuration] Under LocalSettings.php:

$wgUseImageMagick = true;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = '$IP/extensions/ImageMagick/convert.exe';

[PHP configuration]

php_imagick.dll must be added into php.ini? I can't find this dll extension.. on the imagick folder.

Anyway, It would be awesome if I could get this working, even if I got to install other extensions to render thumbs... The option of disabling thumbnails works as plan b

Many thanks in advance

Wbr, Sam

Samuel Matildes (talk)07:57, 17 October 2014

It's strange, it's like it doesn't recognize the setting Manual:$wgImageMagickConvertCommand and it's using the default (because it doesn't say "convert.exe" in the error message).

Check that you haven't mispelled the variable name and that you're editing the correct LocalSettings.php

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:56, 17 October 2014

PHP only escapes variables within double quotes, not single ones. Try replacing:

$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = '$IP/extensions/ImageMagick/convert.exe';


$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "$IP/extensions/ImageMagick/convert.exe";
Ricordisamoa06:39, 19 October 2014


I've replaced the quotes with double quotes...and the results are the same. Is there any workaround for this?

Many thanks in advance,

Wbr, Sam

Samuel Matildes (talk)07:12, 21 October 2014

Does "convert.exe" exist in the "ImageMagick" folder?

Ricordisamoa19:48, 23 October 2014

You say the "results" are the same, but what about the error message?

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:28, 24 October 2014

I am hosting the Mediawiki site on one computer, and accessing it from another. From the hosting computer, the main page (the only page) displays in proper vector format. However, on the second computer, all the content appears down one side in a bullet point list, including the navigation and search bars. I have no idea why this is happening. Can I have some help please?, 23 October 2014


This problem can have different reasons:

The most likely is that you have set Manual:$wgServer either to the IP address or to the word "localhost". This can be corrected by setting it to the IP address or domain name of the computer, on which the wiki is installed.

Another possibility is that you somehow cannot access load.php. The solution for this problem is on the page load.php., 23 October 2014

[RESOLVED] Odd occurrence when viewing Special:Version

So every so often when I load up my own Special:Version page, I get a warning at the top of the page that looks like this:

Warning: is_file(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/bin/git) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp:/usr/local/apache/htdocs) in /.../includes/GitInfo.php on line 132

It's repeating 9 times at the top of the page, overlapping with the logo and causing the special page cactions tab to separate from the rest of the page's actual content. After refreshing the warning goes away, and this only ever happens on this Special page to my knowledge.

The only thing I can think of is when I've updated my version in the past (using doteasy's softaculous), the final step (going to /mw-config/) doesn't seem to complete when trying to update the tables. It seems to stop midway with errors, but I'm not entirely sure if that's the reason, since everything else in 1.23.5 works normally.

Schiffy (talk)19:12, 22 October 2014

This error happens, because $wgGitBin is set to /usr/bin/git and because this path is not within those paths, which are allowed by open_basedir. So either you allow access to this path by adding it to open_basedir or you change $wgGitBin to a path, to which the user does have access. Or finally you can make your installation no git checkout, meaning you could remove the folder .git, which then stops MediaWiki from trying to get information about the Git repo., 22 October 2014

I'm gonna have to inquire about all three solutions:

  1. Where is open_basedir so I can add it?
  2. Does the path that I change $wgGitBin to matter? Could I set it to something like 'none'?
  3. I can't even find the .git folder.
Schiffy (talk)19:41, 22 October 2014
  1. You can read the answer to this and pick the way you want (or you can do).
  2. I don't know, what happens then, but MW expect an executable bin, so maybe it will cause an error. If you want: Just try it.
  3. It's a hidden folder, so if you want to see it via the terminal use the -a option of ls, if you access the server with an FTP client, you have to activate, that the client should force to view hidden folders.
Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)19:45, 22 October 2014

Try setting $wgGitBin = false; in LocalSettings.php

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:33, 23 October 2014

I can really only assume it worked, since it wasn't really causing anything other than that line showing up. Thanks.

Schiffy (talk)16:47, 23 October 2014

Install the Gumax skin (4.0.3)

Hello there, I need help installing the Gumax skin for my Wiki I host. I downloaded the Gumax skin 4.0.3 from here. I like the version 4.0.3 more than the other (newer) versions. I installed the Mediawiki software two weeks ago and the current version is MW 1.23.4. Yesterday I followed these steps in order to install the Gumax skin. But it doesn't working, if use ?useskin=gumax or activate the skin as user (preferred) skin. This will appear, if I use the preview: (1) What can I do to solve the problem in order to use this skin without any errors.

Yässinzeldafan (talk)15:48, 19 October 2014

I think it has something to do with this line: "It has been tested and works with MediaWiki 1.17.0" ;) MediaWiki 1.17 is really oudated and not supported anymore.

The Hook mentioned in the expect (in MW 1.23) two variables (array &$vars, OutputPage $out), the first as a reference. The skin file try to run the Hook as th efollowing:

wfRunHooks( 'MakeGlobalVariablesScript', array( $this->data ) )

(only one parameter and not as a reference. So that's why the skin fails :) Try to upgrade to a newer versions or contact the developers, if they can help you to upgrade this skin version to work with newer versions of MediaWiki.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)05:28, 20 October 2014
Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:02, 20 October 2014

Okay, mir ist aufgefallen, dass du einen deutschen Namen hast und so gehe ich mal aus, dass du diese Sprache verstehst.

Ich habe schonmal den Support dort kontaktiert. Ich bin gerade am zweifeln, da das Forum als auch die Website seit 2013 nicht mehr bearbeitet wurden und ich zweifle daran, dass eine Antwort kommt... Natürlich kann ich versuchen andere Versionen zu installieren, aber was mich stört ist die Topbar, die zentriert ist. Ich hätte es gerne, wenn die links bleibt. Ich bin mir sicher, dass man in der aktuellen Version mittels PHP die Topbar nach rechts verschiebt. (Siehe zum Beispiel aktuelle Version und Version 4.0.3) Ich wäre offen, wenn man mir hilft, die Topbar nach rechts zu verschieben. Doch zunächst möchte ich warten auf eine Antwort vom dortigen Support. Was meint ihr? Wird es zu einer Antwort vom Support kommen, obwohl die Website schon seit 2013 nicht mehr bearbeitet wurde?

Ich bräuchte nochmal Hilfe: Und zwar versuche ich Extension:CheckUser zu installieren aber es erscheint, wenn ich jemanden CheckUserrechte gebe, "Datenbankfehler - [...] Es liegt ein Fehler in der Software vor". Ich muss gestehen, dass ich zwei Schritte, die auf der Extensionseite stehen übersprungen habe, da ich das erstens nicht verstanden habe und zweitens die nötigen Dateien nicht gefunden habe. Ich verwende FileZilla, aber nur für die Windows XP-Version. Kann man mir da auch helfen? (Wäre es angebracht, dass über Skype zu besprechen? Denn es würde dann vielleicht besser laufen.

Danke für eure Hilfe,

Yässinzeldafan (talk)12:06, 20 October 2014

Zu dem Skin: Ich fürchte, "das Team" ist schlicht Paul, der das Skin entworfen hat. ;-) Wenn du ne E-Mail-Adresse von ihm findest, kannst du ihn ja mal fragen, ob ihr zusammen das Skin für neuere MediaWiki-Versionen aktualisieren wollt.

Du musst alle Schritte von Extension:CheckUser#On_an_existing_wiki wie beschrieben durchführen. Der Datenbankfehler deutet z.B. darauf hin, dass du die nötigen DB-Updates nicht vorgenommen hast., 20 October 2014

Jau, danke. Zu Punkt 1: [Ich verwende FileZilla für Windows XP (aber ich steige eh bald auf Linux um)] Die Datei php maintenance kann ich nicht finden weder noch php maintenance.php, php maintenance/update.php weder noch update.php. Ich finde nur Update.sample und Ugrade.php Bei einer Dateisuche im Server kann ich leider nichts finden. :( Zu Punkt 2: (Erledigt.) Zu Punkt 3: (Erledigt.) Zu Punkt 4: Ich finde die Datei php update.php nicht und ich weiß nicht wie man mit FileZilla eine Datei startet.

Yässinzeldafan (talk)13:19, 20 October 2014

FileZilla ist ein FTP-Programm (übrigens ein sehr gutes) und mit FTP kann man keine Dateien ausführen. Der Befehl php update.php oder php maintenance/update.php ist für die Shell gedacht, also für Zugang über SSH. Da kann man Dateien ausführen. Neue Versionen von MediaWiki haben übrigens als mw-config/index.php einen Web-Updater. Der macht dasselbe wie update.php, aber man ruft ihn über den Webbrowser auf. Das klappt auch, wenn man keinen SSH-Zugang hat., 20 October 2014

Access to images folder and other folders

This is my first website/wiki development project. I'm currently building a wiki using for testing and development purposes. I've noticed that I can access, through the browser, all the folders in /mediawiki such as /mediawiki/images and /mediawiki/extensions. I was under the impression that putting "Deny from all" in .htaccess would block the access, but it doesn't work. I currently have an .htaccess file with only one line "Deny from all" and I can still just type in the browser and can I see all the files and folders from my own filesystem.

I realise that mediawiki is designed to allow all users to edit any page; however, I would simply like to protect against the possibility that one user is able to upload/access a document that I uploaded for another user on a certain page. As it stands, any user can simply get any file by typing or he can access the files by using [[File:]]. I went through Manual:Image_Authorization. On that page, we have the following:

img_auth.php then checks to see if the user has access to that particular file and if so, streams it back. If not, it displays a standard 403 error.

OK, so how do I block a user from accessing a particular file? The page doesn't tell you how to achieve this apart from setting $wgUploadpath to the img_auth.php file.

In summary, I would like to know the following:

  • Is there a way to block access to with folder=images, extensions, etc ?
  • Is there a way to block the ability of users with upload and edit rights to have access to files that have already been uploaded by other users or myself?

Thank you

Mfort123 (talk)05:18, 23 October 2014

I put the following in the httpd.conf file:

<Directory /var/www/html/mediawiki/images>

Options -Indexes


and it seems to be blocking access to the images folder.

Mfort123 (talk)05:29, 23 October 2014

You probably want to put Options -Indexes directly on /var/www/html/mediawiki instead of each subfolder.

img_auth.php is meant to block access to images by unregistered users. I don't know if currently it can be configured/extended to allow more granularity. You probably want to open a BUGREPORT requesting that.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:41, 23 October 2014

Won't Access Database: Too many open links

"DB connection error: :real_connect(): Too many open links (1)"

I believe the problem is number of connections MediaWiki is required to open.

My server admin says for security reasons I need to find out how many MediaWiki requires?, 22 October 2014

If this is about the number of DB connections, which MediaWiki needs to open, then this depends on the number of concurrent visitors to your wiki. You might start with something like 25 and go higher, should you need more.

Which versions of PHP and MySQL are you using? PHP before 5.3.3 had a bug[1] which made it create "zombie connections". These then slowly filled up ressources until the DB was no longer reachable.

[1], 22 October 2014

PHP Version 5.3.29, 22 October 2014

Provider won't increase connections above 20. So I don't think I can install., 23 October 2014

The default for max_conections was 100 and in current MySQL versions is 151 [1]. So only having 20 is ... kind of lame. Anyway, when you say that installation does not even work, then at that moment you are not using 20 connections, but you are trying to use exactly one connection and not more. I know of a wiki, which is used more or less frequently and there something like 25 connections is enough to serve all visitors. If you cannot even make one single connection to MySQL, then this effectively means that MySQL is not usable for you on this server. MediaWiki (and also many other nice systems) won't work without database access. If the host cannot fix his setup, then I would change to a host, where you actually can use what you paid for., 23 October 2014
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