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This is a requests for comment system that enables MediaWiki developers and users to draft ideas for the future of MediaWiki; it's possible to subscribe to all open proposals Rss Shiny Icon.svg. Requests for comment can be part of a review process to ensure that changes fit into our architecture guidelines.

RFCs are usually only for proposing major changes to the core, or to extensions that are already widely used, that you think might be controversial. If you wish to create a new MediaWiki extension, or to make a minor core change, or one that will be likely to uncontroversial, there is no need to draft an RFC for that; you can just go ahead and file a bug report and/or implement your change. If you need advice on design decisions pertaining to such ideas, there are several other communication venues for making people aware of your proposal. See also planning a new extension.

If you want to propose a large change, you may wish to consult the request for comment process.

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RFCs with bad status[edit | edit source]

Shouldn't happen – use a preset status status and optional extrastatus in {{RFC}}.

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Archive of closed RFCs (either implemented or declined)

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