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This is a requests for comment system that enables MediaWiki developers and users to draft ideas for the future of MediaWiki. Requests for comment can be part of a review process to ensure that changes fit into our architecture guidelines.

RFCs are usually only for proposing major changes to the core, or to extensions that are already widely used, that you think might be controversial. If you wish to create a new MediaWiki extension, or to make a minor core change, or one that will be likely to uncontroversial, there is no need to draft an RFC for that; you can just go ahead and file a bug report and/or implement your change. If you need advice on design decisions pertaining to such ideas, there are several other communication venues for making people aware of your proposal. See also planning a new extension.

If you want to propose a large change, you may wish to consult the request for comment process.

Some RFCs are discussed and resolved in Architecture meetings. These are the most recently scheduled meetings:

In draft[edit | edit source]

These RFCs are ready for general community feedback, but the author has not finished writing them:

Feature Updated Status
Live preview 2014-10-26 partially implemented
CentralNotice backend improvements 2014-09-12 Looking for comments and implementors
ChangesList formatting 2014-09-09 seeking feedback
Server-side Javascript error logging 2014-07-24 Draft, seeking initial feedback
Data mapper 2014-07-07 Drafting, seeking initial feedback, implemented on a WIP branch.
Dependency injection 2014-06-29 Drafting, seeking initial feedback, implemented on a WIP branch.
Debugging at production server 2014-05-20 early draft, seeking feedback
SOA Authentication 2014-05-02 draft, seeking feedback & collaborators
Change LESS compilation library 2014-05-09 document proposes changing the library we use to compile LESS in core; draft
Redo skin framework 2014-04-17 early draft, seeking feedback
Reducing image quality for mobile 2014-04-16 very early draft, getting feedback; patch merged
Associated namespaces 2014-05-10 being drafted, seeking feedback
Anchor links for lines changed in diffs 2014-04-22 early draft, seeking feedback; has VERY rough mockup
Performance standards for new features 2014-03-15 brainstorming
Better PHP profiling 2013-12-31 rough draft
Global notifications 2013-10-14 Draft
Opt-in site registration during installation 2013-09-24 needs general feedback on idea
Login security 2013-08-21 may be obsolete
Vertical writing support 2014-07-16 need help with CSSJanus improvements
Scoping site CSS 2014-04-07 needs new champion
AuthStack 2013-07-05 Provide a new authentication and authorization service for extension developers. Waiting for author to respond to earlier feedback.
Allow styling in templates 2014-03-24 Provide a way for templates to style themselves differently in a mobile and desktop context. Needs new champion.
Retained account data self-discovery 2013-03-16 Thoughts related to bugzilla:27242. Stalled.
Release notes automation 2013-02-26 A bot to run on labs and automatically maintain release notes. May be obsolete.
Standardized thumbnails sizes 2014-04-17 information requested - waiting for Ops's opinion
Partial page caching 2013-07-16 information requested from authors; may be obsolete
Abstract table definitions 2013-07-19 author should seek comment on DSL details; document incomplete
Clickable section anchors 2013-07-17 authors should seek designer comment
Core user preferences 2014-03-11 an evaluation of core user preferences! incomplete
Regex-based blacklist 2012-09-05 Admin tools development-related work? Incomplete
MediaWiki Foundation 2012-08-31 Thoughts on why we might want to start a foundation dedicated to MediaWiki and its third-party uses. In early discussion.
Branching 2014-10-14 Studying use cases, want feedback!
Global scripts 2012-08-25 where to put global scripts; incomplete
Disable raw HTML on 2012-07-30 brainstorming and drafting!
Dismissable notices 2012-03-31 brainstorming!
Itemise protection 2011-08-04 Itemise page restrictions to allow for "surges" in protection whilst retaining fallback - may be obsolete
Distribution and deployment 2010-06-01 Create systems to update MediaWiki core and extensions from a SpecialPage, and push updates through a distribution channel from Umbrella RfC for several brainstormings/ideas

Ready for discussion[edit | edit source]

RFCs where the author needs specific feedback:

Feature Updated Status
Rewrite enhanced recent changes 2014-12-12 RFC created
Ditch crappy API formats 2014-06-24 submitted
Graph 2014-10-12 Graph extension implementation
API roadmap 2014-07-19 API 2.0 Versioning and Future Roadmap
Typesafe enums 2014-05-16 Implemented. Now benchmarking and adding features following feedback.
Scoped language converter 2014-06-18 Needs community comment.
Drop actions in favour of page views and special pages 2011-08-26 Replace Article and Actions with a PageView system and SpecialPages for actions
Unfragmented ZERO 2014-05-20 seeking feedback, replaces this
Page deletion 2014-05-21 How to apply RevDelete to page deletion? Ready for more community feedback
Square bounding boxes 2014-06-26 Use square bounding boxes for most image resizing. Siscussed and initial consensus reached; mostly implemented.
Extension registration 2014-05-20 Change the way extensions store metadata about themselves and how we enable them
URL shortener 2014-06-11 Yuvi Panda to fork Extension:ShortURL (moving the GitHub repo to Gerrit) and implement.
Deprecate pywikibot-compat 2014-04-17 seeking feedback
Redesign user preferences 2014-04-15 seeking feedback
Extension management with Composer 2014-03-04 seeking feedback and approval
Inline diffs 2014-04-08 User:Quiddity shepherding this forward
UploadWizard: scale to sister projects 2014-02-19 seeking feedback, especially from the Multimedia team
Assert 2014-01-25 author working on changeset to upload; outstanding questions awaiting answers
HTML templating library 2013-01-23 Knockoff is now one of the libraries under consideration
MVC framework 2014-01-14 seeking feedback and collaborators
SQL framework 2013-12-27 seeking feedback and collaborators
OutputPage refactor 2013-12-27 seeking feedback and collaborators
Content API 2014-03-07 seeking feedback and collaborators
Storage service 2014-03-01 implementing / prototyping
Services and narrow interfaces 2014-03-07 basically accepted at Architecture Summit
Structured logging 2014-04-11 Complete RfC, code in Gerrit awaiting review
Third-party components 2014-01-01 seeking feedback
Graphical configuration interface 2014-01-19 needs to be consolidated with other relevant RfCs - renamed from "Configuration database 2"
MediaWiki libraries 2014-01-01 seeking feedback
Update our code to use RDFa 1.1 instead of RDFa 1.0 2013-05-08 RFC needs review
Page metadata 2013-11-27 seeking feedback
URL shortener service for Wikimedia 2013-09-28 about to be consolidated with /URL shortener
Clean up URLs 2013-09-17 Remove /w/index.php?title=. Seeking feedback.
Workflow 2014-02-02 seeking feedback
Publishing the RecentChanges feed 2014-05-14 written - still needs discussion
Grid system 2014-04-12 Provide a responsive grid system.
Simplify thumbnail cache 2013-12-05 Ops and RfC authors discussing Varnish issues
Text extraction 2013-11-10 revised, resubmitted for review
CentralNotice Caching Overhaul - Frontend Proxy 2014-07-15 Awaiting review by architects, especially Ops
Book management 2013-06-17 stalled and needs new champion
Support for user-specific page lists in core 2013-09-10 Changes to the watchlist table to support other user-specific page lists; seeking discussion
Parsoid/Roadmap 2014-01-03 Parsoid roadmap: HTML storage and other fun innovations. Currently in process
Media file request counts 2014-11-03 Media file request counts daily dump: Seeking feedback

Accepted[edit | edit source]

Feature Updated Status
Extensions continuous integration 2014-11-27 Accepted in RFC meeting
Linker refactor 2013-09-18 Accepted
Page protection as a component 2014-09-17 Accepted
Composer managed libraries for use on WMF cluster 2014-07-25 accepted, under development
Zero architecture 2013-03-27 Zero Implementation revisited - Architecture, Partner configuration/portal. Awaiting Ops work to finish implementation
Documentation overhaul 2013-07-17 accepted, in progress
Phabricator 2014-05-17 "...there is support for this proposal. The consensus is also that there are blockers that must be addressed before any migration is considered, and that any migration must be carefully planned and as carefully executed...." also see
Entry point routing and 404 handling 2013-07-19 accepted, in progress
PHP Virtual REST Service 2014-04-17 Generic service interface with support for batching; accepted at Architecture Summit 2014; implementation in progress
DataStore 2013-08-16 Generic key-value storage architecture in core; accepted at Architecture Summit 2014
Passwords 2014-01-24 a merge of previous password RFCs, seeking feedback and collaborators
Custom inter-namespace tabs 2012-11-17 let's do this thing
Reduce math rendering preferences 2011-11-28 Options eliminated; still need to add baseline shift
Scripting 2012-08-23 Scribunto wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Overthrow Bugzilla 2012-08-18 we are moving from BZ to Phabricator
Notification framework 2011-11-08 Echo (Notifications)
CirrusSearch 2013-06-14 Switch from MWSearch to CirrusSearch, a plugin to use Elasticsearch
LESS 2013-09-23 adopting LESS as a stylesheet language in core

Archive[edit | edit source]

Archive of closed RFCs

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