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This details mobile release history on mobile and the current features we are working on.

Mobile Web[edit | edit source]

The mobile web version of Wikipedia makes use of three modes - alpha, beta and stable. Stable mode is the default experience for all users, however users can opt into other modes where they get additional features at the expensive of slightly less stability. Beta is generally bug free or close to bug free and is where we stage features and tweak them to perfection before releasing them to the wild. Our experimental (alpha) mode is as it suggests - very experimental. There are lots more features here and a higher probability of bugs. Developers are encouraged to submit new feature ideas for alpha testing as long as there is no other feature which tries to solve the same problem. Alpha features will be assessed based on user feedback as well as through the use of EventLoggingand the best ones will be moved to beta.

The purpose of this page is to explain what features you can expect in both alpha and beta modes, how long these experiments/projects have been running and who has been working on the code.

Beta[edit | edit source]

Features shortlisted for stable N/A

Currently sitting in beta

  • Wikigrok A
  • Revision / Diff improvements:
  • Talk page overlay (begun in June 2013 by User:Jdlrobson)
    • Add topics
  • Red links are enabled. (Cannot be pushed to stable until we investigate user behavior - do people get reverted? Do they need handholding etc?)

Alpha[edit | edit source]

  • Wikigrok B
  • Talk
    • bubble has the number of open talk topics in it
    • ability to reply to talk topics.
  • New features
    • Categories - introduced in August 2013 as volunteer patch by Linas Valiukas
  • Language overlay improvements
    • [Candidate for promotion/deletion] Favorite languages. Prioritize the list of languages with your most widely used ones first. First introduced by User:jdlrobson. [does this currently work?]
  • Toggling
    • Ability to open all sections by default via Special:MobileOptions
  • Category Overlay (added in MediaWiki 1.25/wmf7; Gerrit change 171301)
    • Show Categories of a page in an Overlay by clicking the "Categories" button at the footer of an article
  • Nearby button (added in MediaWiki 1.25/wmf7; Gerrit change 170431)
    • Find articles near to the position of the currently viewing article by clicking the "Nearby" button at the footer of an article
  • Fontchanger

In design[edit | edit source]

Scrapped Experiments[edit | edit source]

Some experiments don't make it to stable. The following features were dropped from alpha:

Feature Experiment duration Lead Why scrapped
Collapsed tables with zoom icon in top right corner 2012-12 -> 2013-09 User:jdlrobson Neglected experiment
Inline style scrubbing 2013-01-24 ->2013-09 User:jdlrobson
Search button on special pages  ? till 2013-06-03 User:Jdlrobson Echo lost it a home
Dynamic random button 2012-10-30 till 2013-04 User:Jdlrobson Due to bugs in lazy page loading

[Removing from Alpha in I5c731661ea059f61a4cb6cb5ce0409e37115f68b] No main page special casing - in stable main pages are special cased. We'd rather they weren't. This provides an environment with additional styles which reduces the need.

Mobile Web Features[edit | edit source]

Here is a summary of what stable users get.

Feature Went live (date or iteration)
LeftNavEditTutorial (bucketed experiment) 2014-02-16
New hamburger menu nav with about links, privacy links and headings 2013-05
Echo Notifications 2013-06-05
Collapsed cleanup templates 2012-12
Enhanced Search 2012
Reference reveal 2012-03-26
Section toggling 2012-03-26
New Contact page 2012-05-22
New Nav UI 2012-10-23
Settings Page with beta opt-in 2012-10-23
Login 2013-02-12
Watchlists and watch star 2013-02-12
ResourceLoader support 2013-02-12
Event logging 2013-02-12
Last modified date on articles 2013-04
Photo uploads 2013-04
Nearby 2013-05-28
New page menu (watch star, talk, photo upload button and edit) 2013-07-24
Editing first pass 2013-07-24
Language overlay with search - Language overlay is loaded when needed and no languages are served up in default HTML 2013-07
Photo upload nagging: Photo upload education tutorial 2013-07
Infinite scroll on Special:Uploads page 2013-10
New header and overlay design 2014-01
* Toggling- Can toggle open focused sections with Enter and Space key on desktop (Accessibility improvements (aria)) 2014-06
* Table of contents 2014-06
UX improvements for tablets: Larger resolutions viewing mobile site see all sections expanded by default 2014-06
Tablet styling 2014-06

Apps[edit | edit source]

Native Wikipedia Apps[edit | edit source]

Android[edit | edit source]

Platform Version Download In store MD5 Release notes
Android 2.0-r-2014-12-01 (89) [1] 2014-12-01 0011c0d15bedd6a8cd601f84b17704fd
  • Laid the groundwork for upcoming improvements to the search function.
Android 2.0-r-2014-11-03 (88) [2] 2014-11-03 6b9c466ad110b85bcda2840ba4b8817e
  • No new features, just bug fixes
Android 2.0-r-2014-10-30 (87) [3] 2014-10-30 aacc961b66c54e15212f5efe79fce3f3
  • The left Navigation menu is now accessible from all screens (Browsing, History, Saved Pages, etc.)
  • Replaced the Search field at the top with a Search button that expands into a text field.
  • Improved the appearance of the progress bar when loading pages and searching.
  • Improved order of search results when searching.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
Android 2.0-r-2014-10-14 (84) [4] 2014-10-14 75187004833ee94332e5c4ca1f4e5149
  • Nearby: Learn more about what's around you by getting links to articles about things that are near your current location (location services are used only by this feature).
  • Added a one-time Table of Contents tutorial screen.
  • Rolled up "page issues" boxes into a link that shows them as a popup dialog.
  • Rolled up disambiguation links into a single link that shows them as a popup list.
  • Frequently-used languages are now kept at the top of the list, for easier selection.
  • Improved page loading speed and data usage by using compression in network requests.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
Android 2.0-r-2014-08-13 (76) [5] 2014-08-13 40e9ca535ff09d78c64a9bc62d0a74ec search indexing improvements; add Traditional Chinese for UI
Android 2.0-r-2014-08-07 (75) [6] 2014-08-07 2dfd3f111e12113c005164296c488e9f Add Today menu, dark theme fixes, reference popup fixes, Chinese language variants
Android 2.0-r-2014-07-23 (73) [7] 2014-07-23 e9141d5e77fd04c280708b6fd6d37af1 Added Dark theme, increase/decrease font size, better reference popups, onboarding screen
Android 2.0 (71) [8] 2014-06-25 d63e0161e0114eb73bb4be98aab60391 Complete rewrite as native app, Editing, Log in, Table of Contents (swipe from right edge), Save pages, Find in page

iOS[edit | edit source]

Fill me in! :-)

Retired[edit | edit source]

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit | edit source]

Platform Version Download App submitted In store MD5 Release Notes
Android 1.2.5 (13) [9] 2012-09-24 2012-09-24 1e5079fd7fe124c56e972f208df626b8 Bugfix for incorrect login to test wiki
Android 1.2.4 (12) [10] 2012-09-20 2012-09-20 ff2beb9bd4de7abd2077c515e671393b
Android 1.2.3-1 (11) [11] 2012-09-12 2012-09-12 ca0a89093135a21aaf1c5954f1d07096
Android 1.2.3 (10) [12] 2012-09-10 2012-09-10 17a0dfee69af802775d395c9ea514509
Android 1.2.2 (8) [13] 2012-09-05 2012-09-05 d7b3fda0ef217f3a6085dba8ec577ec3
Android 1.2.1 (7) [14] 2012-08-31 2012-08-31 ff351054304fdece2a8f3f03731dd4ed
Android 1.2 (6) [15] 2012-08-30 2012-08-31 c73926a478ed380740c1a71917fd4a95