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Git repository of Wikimedia has this file: extracts the ocr text from a djvu page image and uploads it to the corresponding page in the page namespace on Wikisource. In order for the bot to function, a djvu file must be in the same folder pywikipediabot runs from and it must be identical to the djvu used for the index file on Wikisource.

On a blank page this script will leave a blank page and set the pagequality level=0 (without text) and the user= to the name of your bot (e.g. <pagequality level="0" user="DougBot" />).

Parameters[edit | edit source]

The following parameters are supported:

   -dry           If given, doesn't do any real changes, but only shows
                  what would have been changed.
   -ask           Ask for confirmation before uploading each page.
                  (Default: ask when overwriting pages)
   -djvu:...      Filename of the local djvu file (i.e. in your PWB folder)
   -index:...     Name of the index page on Wikisource
                  (Default: the djvu filename)
   -pages:<start>-<end> Page range to upload; <end> is optional (e.g. "-pages:1-" will upload all pages)

All other parameters will be regarded as part of the title of a single page, and the bot will only work on that single page.