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The MediaWiki system is made up of many different parts. Once you have installed each of the components, you need to configure them to work together.

Configuring MediaWiki

If you installed MediaWiki through the web interface, then you already ran the initial configuration script that sets common configuration variables.

Much more customization and configuration is possible by editing LocalSettings.php and other configuration files.

The requirement for AdminSettings.php (along with supporting file AdminSettings.sample) was removed in MediaWiki 1.16. Prior to MediaWiki 1.16, AdminSettings.php was used to store database authentication credentials for maintenance scripts and to control the availability of profileinfo.php. Details can still be found in Manual:AdminSettings.php.

For a list of configuration settings, see:

To configure specific parts of the software, see:

For help with advanced technical configuration, see Manual:System administration, Manual:Administrators, and Manual:FAQ.

Much of the appearance and messaging of MediaWiki is determined by messages that administrators can edit like regular wiki pages.

Configuring Apache, PHP and the Database

If you have downloaded binary packages of MySQL (or Postgres), the Apache HTTP Server, and PHP, chances are that they came with an installation script that set them up for your system. To tweak them further, see:

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