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If you would like to try VisualEditor without editing an article, here is a page where you can freely test it. You don't need an account to use VisualEditor on that page.

Öppna VisualEditor

För att redigera en text med VisualEditor, klicka på knappen "Redigera" högst upp på sidan.

Att öppna en sida för redigering kan ta några sekunder och längre om sidan är väldigt lång.

Om du klickar på "Redigera wikitext" kommer du till den klassiska wikitexteditorn.

VisualEditor - Edit tab.png

Du kan också öppna VisualEditor genom att klicka på "redigera"-länken vid varje stycke.
VisualEditor - Section edit links.png

Kom igång: VisualEditors verktygslist

VisualEditors verktygslist
VisualEditors verktygslist syns högst upp på skärmen när du börjar redigera med VisualEditor. Den har ett par välkända ikoner:

VisualEditor - Toolbar - Undo-redo.png
Ångra och Gör om ändringarna du har gjort.

VisualEditor Toolbar Headings-en.png
Rubriker rullgardingsmeny: låter dig välja runriknivå- De vanliga rubriknivåerna är "Rubrik". The normal format for text is "Paragraph".

VisualEditor Toolbar Formatting-en.png
Formatting: Clicking the "A" opens a menu. For any item to have an affect, you must have first selected (highlighted) some text.
  • The "Bold" item (B) bolds the selected text.
  • The "Italic" item (I) italicizes the selected text.
  • The "Superscript" item (S2) causes the selected text to appear smaller than surrounding text and to be slightly higher than the surrounding text.
  • The "Subscript" item (S2) causes the selected text to appear smaller than surrounding text and slightly lower than the surrounding text.
  • The "Strikethrough" item (S) adds a solid bar through the selected text.
  • The "Computer code" item (a set of curly brackets: {}) changes the font of the selected text to a monospaced font, which sets it apart from surrounding (proportionally spaced) text.
  • The "Underline" item (U) adds a solid line beneath the selected text.
  • The "Language" item (Aあ) allows you to label the language (for example, Japanese) and direction (for example, right-to-left) of the selected text.
  • The final item (" ⃠ "), called "Clear styling", removes all character formatting from the selected text, including links.

VisualEditor - Toolbar - Linking.png
Linking tool: The chain is the linking tool. Clicking on it (usually after selecting some text) opens the link dialog.

VisualEditor - Cite Pulldown.png
Cite menu: The "Cite" menu is used to add inline citations (also called "footnotes" or "references"). All projects have access to "Basic" reference formatting and the ability to "Re-use" citations, using this menu. This menu also gives you quick access to local citation templates, if these are enabled on your wiki.

(Instructions for adding local citation templates to the Cite menu at a specific wiki are available at VisualEditor/Citation tool.)

VisualEditor Toolbar Lists and indentation-en.png
Lists & indentation: The first two items allow you to format text as either a "Bullet list" or a "Numbered list". The last two items allow you to decrease or increase the indentation level of list items.

VisualEditor Insert Menu-en.png
Media, källor & transkluderingar: Varje ikon öppnar en varsin dialog:
  • The "Template" icon (a puzzle piece) allows you to edit templates.
  • The "Comment" item (a speech balloon) allows you to insert comments that are not visible to readers; these comments can be seen only when in edit mode.
  • The "Formula" icon (Σ) opens the formula inserter dialog.
  • Referenslisteikonen (tre böcker) öppnar dialogen för att visa källor.
  • The "<visualeditor-mwhieroinspector-title>" icon (an ankh symbol - ☥) allows you to enter the hieroglyphics inserter. (See below.)
  • The "Special character" icon (Ω) allows you to insert some special characters. (See immediately below.)

VisualEditor Toolbar SpecialCharacters-en.png
Special character insertion: The "Special character" icon on the "Insert" menu, when clicked, displays a dialog showing many special characters. By clicking on a specific character, you place it into the text. These special characters include some standard symbols, accents, and mathematical symbols. (This list may be customized locally. See VisualEditor/Special characters for instructions.)

VisualEditor cancel save-en.png
The Page options menu is to the left of the Save page button. On the Page options menu are options to adjust page settings, such as whether the page is a redirect, or how it is indexed; to add, edit, or delete categories; and to see, using the "Language" item, the list of articles on the same subject that are in other languages. You can also switch (one-way only) from VisualEditor to the classic wikitext source editor without losing the editing work you've done.

Sparar ändringar

När du har redigerat klart, klicka på den gröna "Spara sida"-knappen i verktygslisten. Den gröna knappen kan inte användas om inga ändringar har gjorts. To cancel all your editing changes, just close your browser window.
VisualEditor cancel save-en.png

Pressing the green "Save page" button opens a dialog. You can then enter a brief summary of your actions, mark your edit as minor, and/or add the page to your Watchlist. The box for the summary is the equivalent of the Summary (?): field in the wikitext editor.

You can also review your changes to be sure they will work as intended before saving your changes, similar to the "Show changes" button in the wikitext editor. The "Cancel" button returns you to the page you were editing. You can save all of your changes later.

VisualEditor save dialog-en.png

Redigera länkar

VisualEditor - Toolbar - Formatting - Link.png
Länkar kan läggas till genom Länkikonen (länkar i en kedja) i verktygslisten eller genom att använda kortkommandot Ctrl+K (eller Cmd+K på en Mac).

If you select (highlight) text or place your cursor within a word, and then press the "Link" button, a link will be inserted using that text or word. In most cases, when creating internal links (links to other pages in the same wiki) you do not select text. But when creating external links, in most cases you do select text before starting the linking process, and text is probably something you just typed.

VisualEditor - Link editing inline 2.png
Oavsett om du använder knappen eller kortkommandot kommer en dialog att öppnas där du kan skriva in länken (intern eller extern). VisualEditor kommer att försöka hjälpa till med interna länkar genom att hitta troliga matchningar när du börjar skriva.

VisualEditor will try to help with internal links by looking for likely matches as you begin to type.

VisualEditor - Link editing inline box.png
Once you have entered or selected the link, you complete the linking process by pressing  Enter, pressing the "Done" button, or just clicking outside of the box. Your link will immediately appear on the VisualEditor page, but it will not be saved until you save the entire page.

VisualEditor - External link.png
To link to a web page on another website, the process is the similar: you enter a URL in the box, and it will be added as an "External link".

VisualEditor - Link editing inline.png
För att ändra eller ta bort en existerande länk klicka på länken i texten och tryck sedan på Länkikonen som kommer fram nära den. Du kan också trycka på samma ikon i verktygslisten eller använda Ctrl+K kortkommandot medan du är på den.

In the dialog, you can then change where the link goes. Or you can remove the link altogether by pressing the "Remove" button) in the lower left corner of the dialog. You can also open the link's target in another window by clicking on the "Open" button. (You might do this to check if an external link is valid.)

Redigera källor

Redigera en befintlig referens

VisualEditor - Editing references 1.png
För att redigera en befintlig källa, klicka på den i texten och klicka på "Käll"ikonen som dyker upp bredvid den eller på den i verktygslisten.

VisualEditor - Editing references 6.png
Genom att klicka på Referensikonen öppnas en minieditor där du kan skriva text. Du kan formatera den som var som helst annars på sidan, till exempel med kursiv stil eller länkar.

Many wikis use templates to format references automatically. If a template is used in your reference, then all the text in the template will be highlighted when you click on the reference information.

If a template was used and you've clicked on information in that template, then the Template icon (puzzle piece) will appear. Click on that to edit the content of the template, in the template mini-editor dialog.

VisualEditor - Editing References - Cite Web.png
If, instead of the "Basic" icon (bookmark), what appears when you click on a reference is an icon for a standard template for citations, clicking on that icon will take you directly to the template mini-editor dialog.

VisualEditor - Editing references 5.png
Inside the template mini-editor, you can add or remove types of information or change current content. Only fields (template parameters) that are used (have content) should be shown, initially. To add fields, click on "Add more information", which is at the very bottom of the mini-editor.

VisualEditor - Apply changes.png
Click on "Apply changes" when you're done.

Återanvänd en befintlig referens

VisualEditor - Toolbar - Reference.png
If the page already contains a citation that applies to the text you want to source, then you can choose to re-use the existing citation.

To re-use an existing reference, place your cursor in the body of the text where you want to add a new reference (number) for that citation. Then click on the "Re-use" item from the "Cite" menu.

VisualEditor - Editing references 18.png
In the Reference dialog, look at the list for the reference you want to reuse, and select it. If there are many references, you can use the search box (labeled "What do you want to reference?") to list only those references that include certain text.

Lägg till en ny källa

VisualEditor - Toolbar - Reference.png
To add a citation using the "Cite" menu, place your cursor where you want to add it in the text. Then on the "Cite" menu, select the appropriate item.

Using the "Basic" citation

VisualEditor - Editing references 20.png
Shown here is what you will see if you select the "Basic" item. In the Reference editor, you can add your citation, including formatting.

Du kan också tilldela källan en grupp; detta används för att visa grupper av källor med "Referensliste"verktyget.

VisualEditor Template Insert Menu-en.png
Om du lägger till en ny källa och vill inkludera en mall i den, klicka på Transklusionsikonen (pusselbiten) i källeditorns verktygslist.

VisualEditor - Editing references 9.png
Hitta sedan en mall du vill använda, lägg till den och redigera den som du skulle ha gjort med en befintlig.

After you're done editing your new template, click on "Apply changes" to return to the Reference editor, and "Apply changes" again to return to the page you're editing.

VisualEditor Reference List Insert Menu-en.png
Om det inte redan finns en referenslista på sidan (till exemepl för att du lägger till den första källan) behöver du lägga till den så att texten för din källa ska visas.

Placera markören där du vill visa referenslistan (vanligtvis i slutet av sidan) och klicka på "Referensliste"ikonen (tre böcker) för att lägga till den.

VisualEditor - Editing references 11.png
Om du skapade grupper med källor kan du specificera en grupp i denna dialog för att selektivt välja att visa källor som hör till den.

The final step, in the References list dialog, is to click "<visualeditor-dialog-referencelist-insert-button>".

Using standard cite templates

VisualEditor - Editing References - Cite Pulldown.png
Your local wiki may have added extra citation templates to this menu. This offers quick access to the most-used citation templates. (Instructions for adding extra citation templates to your local wiki are available at VisualEditor/Citation tool.)

VisualEditor - Editing references - Cite book required fields.png
Clicking on a template icon such as "Cite book" will take you into the template mini-editor for that template. Important information fields may be marked with an asterisk. While the most common fields will be shown, not all of them are required.

VisualEditor - Editing references - Add parameter.png
To add additional parameters, scroll down in the template mini-editor and click on the "Add more information" option.

Click on "<visualeditor-dialog-citation-insert-citation>" when you're done.

Redigera bilder och mediafiler

Editing images

För att lägga till en bild (eller en annan mediafil) tryck på Mediaikonen i verktygslisten (en bild med berg).
VisualEditor Media Insert Menu-en.png

Clicking the "Media" icon opens a dialog that automatically searches Wikimedia Commons and your local wiki for media files related to the title of the page you're editing.

Du kan söka efter andra mediafiler genom att ändra texten i dialogens sökruta.

Klicka på miniatyrbilden för att välja en fil och bekräfta genom att trycka "Infoga media". This places the image onto the page you are editing.

VisualEditor - Media editing 2.png

After the image you selected is inserted on the page, another dialog will automatically open. This dialog allows you to add (and edit) the caption of the image. The caption can contain formatting and links.
VisualEditor - Media editing 6.png

The media dialog also allows you to add alternative text captions, to help users who use screen readers, or who have disabled image display.
Media editing 7.png

You can also set various parameters for the image in the "Advanced settings" window. These include the alignment, the type, and size of the image.
VisualEditor - Media editing 8.png

När du är klar, tryck på "Verkställ ändringar" för att stänga dialogen och gå tillbaks till editorn.
VisualEditor - Apply changes.png

For an existing image, you can add or edit a caption or other settings by clicking on the image, then clicking on the "Media" icon that appears below the picture.

You can resize an existing image by clicking on it, then moving the resize icon (the two-headed arrow on the bottom left).

You can also drag and drop an image to a place higher or lower on the page.

VisualEditor - Media editing 3.png

Editing media galleries

To edit an existing gallery in VisualEditor, click anywhere in that gallery. Then, near the bottom of the gallery, click the gallery icon (a set of photos). This brings up the gallery inserter dialog, with the full list of images included in the gallery.
VisualEditor - Gallery2.png
The gallery inserter dialog is currently a simple box that allows you to edit existing galleries using wikitext markup. To add a new image to an existing gallery, type the file name, followed by a bar (|) and the caption for that image. You must put each image in the gallery on its own line. You can also edit this list to remove or rearrange images or to change captions.

When you click the "Done" button, you will exit the gallery dialog. You should then see your changes, with the gallery as it will now appear to readers.

Remember that exiting the gallery inserter dialog does not save your changes. As with other changes made using VisualEditor, you must save the entire page in order to save your work.

VisualEditor - Gallery3.png

Redigera mallar

To add a new template to the page, place your cursor where you want the template to be inserted, and click on the "Template" icon (puzzle piece) in the "Insert" menu.
VisualEditor Template Insert Menu-en.png

Type the name of the template you want to insert. When you see it on the list, click on its name. Then click "Add template".
VisualEditor - Template editing 4.png

Du kan också redigera mallar som redan finns på sidan genom att välja dem (de blir blå) och klicka på "Transklusions"ikonen (pusselbiten) som dyker upp eller på den i verktygslisten.
VisualEditor - Template editing 1.png

Att lägga till en ny mall eller öppna en befintlig öppnar "Transklusions"dialogen med en lista av parametrar och deras värden.

If you are editing an existing template, and the template has been updated, then the dialog will show the values for the parameters.

VisualEditor - Template editing 2.png

Du kan lägga till parametrar eller ändra de befintliga.
VisualEditor - Template editing 3.png

When a template embeds other templates, these sub-templates will appear inside the parameters that display them. They can be edited or removed inside the parameter field.

New sub-templates are added by following the steps of adding a parameter. You may need to check the template documentation to make sure that the sub-template is supported.

VisualEditor - Template editing 5.png

När du är klar, tryck "Verkställ ändringar" för att stänga dialogen och gå tillbaks till sideditorn.
VisualEditor - Apply changes.png

Redigera kategorier

VisualEditor Categories.png
To edit categories, on the "Page options" menu, click the "Categories" button.

VisualEditor - Category editing 1.png
The "Categories" button opens a dialog that lists existing categories and allows you to add new ones.

Det finns ett val för att konfigurera sorteringsordningen för sidan på kategorisidorna.

For example, the default sorting key for the article "George Washington" is "Washington, George", and so in the category "Presidents of the United States", the article is listed under the letter "W", not the letter "G".

VisualEditor - Category editing 3.png
För att lägga till en ny kategori, skriv in dess namn i fältet "Lägg till kategori". Du kan antingen skapa en ny kategori eller använda en befintlig.

VisualEditor - Category editing 2.png
För att ta bort en befintlig kategori, klicka på den och klicka sedan på "Ta bort"-ikonen (soptunnan) i dialogen som öppnas.

Du kan också specificera sorteringsordningen för en specifik kategori. Detta överrider den generella sorteringsordningen.

VisualEditor - Apply changes.png
Klicka på "Verkställ ändringar" när du är klar för att återvända till sideditorn.

Editing page settings

VisualEditor - Page Settings menu.png
To edit a page's settings, click to open the "Page options" menu, in the toolbar, and select the "Page settings" button.

VisualEditor Page Settings-en.png
The "Page settings" button opens a dialog that shows several options.

VisualEditor Page Settings Redirects-en.png
You can make a page a redirect to another page by checking the "Redirect this page to" checkbox, and then typing the name of the page to which you want the reader to be sent when he/she tries to go to the page that you're editing.

At the bottom is the option to prevent page renames from updating this redirect. This is very rarely used.

VisualEditor Page Settings TOC-en.png
You can change whether the page shows a Table of Contents by selecting one of these three buttons. The default option is "If needed", which shows a Table of Contents if there are three or more headings.

VisualEditor - Page Settings Edit Links.png
You can make a page not show edit links next to each section header by checking this checkbox.

VisualEditor Apply Changes-en.png
Click "Apply changes" when you're done editing the Page options to return to the page editor.

Editing mathematical formulae

To add a new mathematical formula to the page, place your cursor where you want it to be inserted, and click on the "Formula" icon ("Σ") in the "Insert" menu on the toolbar.
VisualEditor Formula Insert Menu-en.png

A window will open in which you can type the formula, using LaTeX syntax. VisualEditor will update the formula as you type it, so you can see how it will look as you make changes. Once you are happy with the formula, click the "Done" button.
VisualEditor formula-en.png

To edit an existing mathematical formula on the page, click on it and then click on the "Σ" icon that appears. This will open up the formula window, where you make changes.
VisualEditor - editing existing mathematical formula.png

Redigera matematiska formler och andra specialobjekt.

Vissa objekt, som till exempel gallerier, matematiska formler och musikalisk notation stöds inte av VisualEditor än. Tills att det görs får du redigera wikitexten direkt om du vill ändra eller lägga till sådana.


Många skribenter är vana med att skriva wikitext direkt, speciellt fet stil, kursiv stil och länkar. Tangentbordskortkommandon låter dig att snabbt infoga liknande formatering utan att behöva klicka på knapparna i verktygslisten. Vanliga generella kortkommandon och sådana som används i andra editorer fungerar i VisualEditor.

PC kortkommando Åtgärd Mac kortkommando

 Ctrl+B Fet  Cmd+B

 Ctrl+I Kursiv  Cmd+I

 Ctrl+K Infoga länk  Cmd+K

 Ctrl+X Klipp  Cmd+X

 Ctrl+C Kopiera  Cmd+C

 Ctrl+V Klistra in  Cmd+V

 Ctrl+Z Ångra  Cmd+Z