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Letzte Änderungen shows the latest changes to pages, file uploads, deletions and page moves

MediaWiki bietet eine Sammlung spezieller Seiten und Werkzeuge, um zu verfolgen, was sich im Wiki verändert. So kann man zum Beispiel folgendes beobachten:

  • die neusten Änderungen an allen Seiten,
  • neu erstellte Seiten,
  • die Beiträge von einem spezifischen Benutzer,
  • die Versionsgeschichte einer bestimmten Seite, d.h. alle Änderungen an dieser.

The most interesting special page is Special:RecentChanges. This page displays all edits, file uploads, page moves, deletions and other actions done in the wiki. The menu at the top offers a collection of links to customize your display: limit the number of changes or the number of days shown or restrict the display to show edits to a certain namespace only. You can also hide edits marked as minor (but don't forget that a change can be major even though the user flagged it as minor).

One line in the Recent Changes page consists of several links:

  • “unterschied” displays the difference from the previous revision of the page
  • “versionen” links to the revision history of the page
  • the full title of the page links to the current version. If the page is on your watchlist, the title appears in bold.

Next is a flag describing the page modification type:

  • “Neu” denotes a new page
  • “K” denotes a minor edit
  • “B” denotes an edit made by a bot

Nach dem Zeitstempel wird der Benutzer mit einem Link zu seiner Benutzer-, Diskussionsseite und seinen Beiträgen erwähnt. Falls der Nutzer eine Bemerkung hinterlassen hat, folgt diese danach in kursiver Schriftform.

If the user submitted a summary when they made the edit, the summary appears in italics as the last link in the line.

Enhanced view[edit | edit source]

If you are logged in and have JavaScript enabled, you can also try the "enhanced" view. To enable the enhanced view, go to your Preferences, then click the Recent Changes tab and select "Änderungen auf „Letzte Änderungen“ und der Beobachtungsliste nach Seite gruppieren". Selecting this option will cause the Recent Changes page to display edits grouped by page rather than being listed individually. You will now see entries like the following:

Arr r.png 15:17 Main Page (4 changes | Versionen) .. (+236) .. [Some User‎ (2×); Some Other User (2×)]

To expand the record of that page's recent edits, click the blue arrow to the left of the timestamp and page name. The record of edits will be displayed as it appears in the normal view. You can turn this enhancement on and off at will, so feel free to try both to see which one you prefer.

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