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New users and URLs....

The one thing that would distract spam is to prevent them from publishing their URLs. There are several ways to accomplish this, but for new users, there needs to be an extra hook for URLs. This hook shouldn't be a captcha but an approval process with other higher ranking members. It could be as simple as a moderated page or as complex as prompting ranking members to approve randomly using the message feature. If there was a MW option, I would even be okay with blocking URLs until new users are promoted or request the URL to be added to a whitelist, we just need MW to add the URL hook to the permissions.

Skunark (talk)03:19, 21 October 2014

Sounds like a feature request for Extension:FlaggedRevs.

Nemo05:20, 22 October 2014

Make Captcha more visible to users

When using QuestyCaptcha the form appears when the user has done changes and is on the same page (edit). The user is not aware that a captcha must be filled. Moving the Captcha to the bottom of the page or highlight it by css would change the problem., 8 April 2013

I agree, this is causing confusion for our users on the Create Account page, as well as the Edit page as described above., 16 October 2014

The issues is known but the solution is not trivial, because MediaWiki can't always know beforehand whether the edit will need a captcha (e.g. whether it will add an URL). In recent versions, Special:UserLogin shows the captcha from the start when required for registering.

Nemo21:46, 16 October 2014

QuestyCaptcha with multiple answers?

Is it possible for a single question in QuestyCaptcha to have more than one acceptable answer? For example, is it possible to have a question such as "Fill in the blank: Blue is a ____" and allow the user to get through with both "color" and 'colour"?

Schiffy (talk)15:41, 10 October 2014

Yes, just put the correct answers into an array:

/* ConfirmEdit */
require_once "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php";
require_once "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/QuestyCaptcha.php'; 
$wgCaptchaClass = 'QuestyCaptcha';
$arr = array (
        "A question?" => "An answer!",
        "Fill in the blank: Blue is a ..." => array(
                'colour', 'color'
foreach ( $arr as $key => $value ) {
        $wgCaptchaQuestions[] = array(
        'question' => $key, 'answer' => $value

I will add this to the docu. Cheers

[[kgh]] (talk)15:58, 10 October 2014

Sorry to bother, but this doesn't seem to work as intended. I tried to add an external link to my main page, and the questions with one answer could be passed successfully, but the questions using array() are not letting me through. On a side note, my custom made "Webmaster" group should extend sysop, but I still had to give it skipcaptcha manually.

Schiffy (talk)18:26, 13 October 2014

Yeah, this was quite irritating. After changing to "A question?" => 'An answer!', both worked nicely. However not if you use ". Obviously the answers have to be "quoted" identically. Sorry for this.

[[kgh]] (talk)18:54, 13 October 2014

Well right now I'm using only ' (not ") for all the questions and all the array() bound answers), including in the foreach loop at the end ($wgCaptchaQuestions[] = array( 'question' => $key, 'answer' => $value );), and it seems to still not be working.

Schiffy (talk)19:15, 13 October 2014

Cannot tell why it is not working for you now, but perhaps there is somebody else who sees the problem and may help. After I changed this one line in my example above everything works out fine for me.

[[kgh]] (talk)19:18, 13 October 2014

What is Special:Version

I am trying to set this up and I have no idea what Special:version, 12 October 2014

A page on your wiki, like Special:Version here.

Nemo06:28, 13 October 2014

Documenting Asirra

Nemo bis believes that the extension should continue to document Asirra even though it closes down permanently as of today [1]. He thinks that this not functional module should be documented until it was removed from the code base. I do not think that this is a good idea. However, I just opened a bug for removing Asirra integration from the extension: [2].

[1] http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/asirra/

[2] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71712

[[kgh]] (talk)18:54, 6 October 2014

Thanks for filing.

Nemo19:37, 6 October 2014

Asirra configuration parameters

I have Asirra working correctly but I am attempting to use its $wgAsirraEnlargedPositionparameter to have the pop up images displayed to the right. Have tried in LocalSettings to no avail — I don't know PHP. What is the correct language here? Thanks., 31 July 2014

recommend patch should be integrated into mainline

With the previous version of MW and this extension, there was bug that prevented any new users from adding URLs. That bug was highly effective in blocking spam, I would encourage the owners of this extension to apply the patch perhaps with the ability to disable. To the author(s) of the patch and extension, I thank you all

Skunark (talk)06:19, 15 April 2014

addurl in USER NS does not work

Edited by 3 users.
Last edit: 16:31, 12 March 2014

My problem are spam links in the user namespace. I just spent quite a long time to find my configuration mistake, and in the end I realized that in the main NS my settings are working correctly (trigger on addurl), but not in the user NS. Even specifying $wgCaptchaTriggersOnNamespace[NS_USER]['addurl'] = true; doesn't show any effects... Why is this??? (And if intended, couldn't it be added ot the documentation in some obvious place...?

Edit: Actually, when the settings for user NS seem to be inversed from what I expect: $wgCaptchaTriggers['create'] = false; $wgCaptchaTriggers['addurl'] = true;

The captcha is displayed when I add a page with/without URL, while it is missing when I add a URL to an existing page., 5 October 2012

Are you sure there isn't some skipcaptcha config overriding that?

Nemo18:33, 12 March 2014

Use 2 captcha types

So I want to use 2 captcha types lets say for account registration. Recaptcha and questy captcha. How would I go about to do it?, 11 September 2013

I want to do the same. Need help, 10 February 2014

What do you mean, "use two types"? I would avoid showing two different Captchas. Just use Questy.

MarkAHershberger(talk)17:16, 19 February 2014

Use of memcache / $wgMemc

Great extension, but .... unfortunately the 'badlogin' feature depends on the use of memcache. Most likely a good idea for larger installations, but makes this feature useless for most web-hosted installations that do not provide memcache.

This problem has been reported as a bug on Bugzilla - to me it looks to be a feature, though.

Is there a chance that anyone rewrites the code to make use of database cache as an option? (I myself just don't know enough about this.)

Poensgen (talk)11:25, 1 February 2014

Solved. In LocalSettings.php this does the trick:

$wgMainCacheType = CACHE_DB;
Poensgen (talk)12:35, 1 February 2014

QuestyCaptcha works - but only with trigger "createaccount"

... though in the LocalSettings.php I have specified it to be triggered by "edit", "create", "createtalk", "addurl", "createaccount" und "badlogin"; "skipcaptcha" is "false" for "*" und "user" and true for "autoconfirmed".

=> moved to SupportDesk Thread:Project:Support desk/ConfirmEdit/QuestyCaptcha works - but only with trigger "createaccount"

LiturgicaNotata (talk)16:30, 2 October 2013

... and is now a bug at bugzilla (here: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56721 - thanks to MarkAHershberger!).

LiturgicaNotata (talk)07:36, 20 November 2013

The current version of this extension is not compatible with 1.20

That includes the version of the extension that is bundled with 1.20.

If you set $wgCaptchaClass = 'FancyCaptcha' in your LocalSettings.php you will get an HTTP 500 error if you attempt any operation involving a captcha such as creating a new account. If you look in FancyCapthca.class.php you will see it includes a call to getWikiId. The FSFileBackend class does not have that method in 1.20, although the trunk version does. The Apache error_log confirms that the failure is due to an attempt by FancyCaptcha.class.php to call FSFileBackend::getWikiId.

I am currently using the 1.19 version of this extension with 1.20 without any problems.

Prh47bridge (talk)12:44, 23 November 2012

I can't seem to find a working version. I have tried downloading the latest version and 1.19 in the ConfirmEdit page and it does not work with mediaiki 1.20. Any captcha option gives me a 500 error., 4 March 2013

FancyCaptcha does not work for me in MediaWiki 1.20.3. It says on text submit

 Internal error
 [41207728] 2013-03-16 07:01:45: Fatal exception of type MWException

Very sad... Can somebody fix it. I muss FancyCaptcha, and not a php developer :-(((

Nataraj (talk)06:59, 16 March 2013

Probably the same bug as bugzilla:46132, can you comment there please?

Nemo07:32, 16 March 2013

I do not know...

If you can tell me how to see MediaWiki or php Error log or something like this, I can tell you more about this error. For now only one thing I have is that message it browser. Since MediaWiki and other php scripts does not use common web server error log to report errors, I really do not know how to debug it...

Nataraj (talk)07:02, 17 March 2013

I found the source of the problem: the source was me.

For some unknown reason in previous installation I've configured FancyCaptcha right in the extensions/ConfirmEdit/FancyCaptcha.php file and while upgrading I've replaced all my custom configuration with a default one. So nothing worked.

So there is no bug in FancyCaptcha in my case (what about Prh47bridge's case I do not know), but there is a wish requests

1. to add some more diagnostics in cases when capcha files are missing or wrong

2. May be do some sanity check on initialization, i.e. check that capcha dis exists or something, so when you run media wiki on wrong configuration you will get warning even when you are not editing anything. May be add this check to upgrade script if it is possible...

Nataraj (talk)07:09, 19 March 2013

I'm using the question setting and it seems cause a 500 error on the account creation page.


doesn't work user's skipcaptcha

I have set the following. However, the logged-in user to edit, chapcha is displayed.

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['skipcaptcha'] = false; $wgGroupPermissions['user']['skipcaptcha'] = true; $wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['skipcaptcha'] = true; $wgGroupPermissions['bot']['skipcaptcha'] = true; // registered bots $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['skipcaptcha'] = true; $wgCaptchaTriggers['edit'] = true; // Would check on every edit $wgCaptchaTriggers['create'] = true; // Check on page creation. $wgCaptchaTriggers['sendemail'] = true; // Special:Emailuser $wgCaptchaTriggers['addurl'] = true; // Check on edits that add URLs $wgCaptchaTriggers['createaccount'] = true; // Special:Userlogin&type=signup $wgCaptchaTriggers['badlogin'] = true; // Special:Userlogin after failure, 16 July 2013

Can't get recaptcha to work on 1.19

I have this in my settings...

require_once("$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php"); require_once("$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ReCaptcha.php"); $wgCaptchaClass = 'ReCaptcha'; $wgReCaptchaPublicKey = 'xxxxxx'; $wgReCaptchaPrivateKey = 'xxxxx';

When I edit a page as a guest, recaptcha doesn't appear to be working. It doesn't ask me to enter any text. What step am I missing?, 16 July 2013

Last version of Downloadable folder give version 1.0 instead of 1.2 incompatible with version 1.21.1 of MW :(

Hello, And we give an error like

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wfLoadExtensionMessages() in www/comparateur/extensions/Asirra/Asirra.class.php on line 26

When we try to connect or create an account.

The web site that shows th error message.


Nicolas NALLET (talk)13:12, 12 July 2013

Are you sure you downloaded the correct version? This version was tagged for the 1.21 branch and should work. Theoretically this should also be the version you get via the Extension distributor.

[[kgh]] (talk)13:36, 12 July 2013

Hallo Karsten,

the dowload link is good but I have to put in LocalSettings.php


to see the good version

But if I do that, anonymous user can edit even if they select every cat. See the bug known. The solution is to remove the sentence


and remplace it by


ANd then I go back to the previous version...

Nicolas NALLET (talk)14:29, 12 July 2013

Well, that seems to be a totally different problem than the one you described in your first thread. Well I do not have any experience with the Asirra module. I suggest using QuestyCAPCHA anyway.

[[kgh]] (talk)14:41, 12 July 2013

ConfirmEdit SimpleCaptcha only works for 1 wgCaptchaBadLoginAttempts


I have the below configuration of my ConfirmEdit.php. My ConfirmEdit version is from Mediwiki 1.20.

$wgGroupPermissions['*'            ]['skipcaptcha'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['user'         ]['skipcaptcha'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['skipcaptcha'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['bot'          ]['skipcaptcha'] = false; // registered bots
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop'        ]['skipcaptcha'] = false;
$wgAvailableRights[] = 'skipcaptcha';

$wgCaptchaTriggers['badlogin']      = true;  // Special:Userlogin after failure
$wgCaptchaStorageClass = 'CaptchaSessionStore';
$wgCaptchaSessionExpiration = 30 * 60;
$wgCaptchaBadLoginExpiration = 5 * 60;
$wgCaptchaBadLoginAttempts = 3;

I also added this line to LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php" );

When I tried to logging in 3 times with wrong password, there is no SimpleCaptcha displaying. But when I change it the wgCaptchaBadLoginAttempts to 1, it works perfectly.

I would appreciate if anyone could share their knowledged and experience if do I have missing in the configuration or is it just a bug of ConfirmEdit extension?

Thanks. James

Jameswise (talk)08:10, 17 May 2013

spambots still can create an account - but cant edit page

Edited by author.
Last edit: 11:06, 9 May 2013

My wiki has been overrun by spambots. Thankfully because of this extension, these spambots are not able to edit the pages, but they are still able to create an account - about 50 new accounts everyday.

How can I change the CAPTCHA settings to stop these spambots? I use the question CAPTCHA - it is the easiest to use and install and I want to keep it without adding new CAPTCHAs.

Is there another extension I can add which will limit the spambots creating a new account?

These bots only create new user pages - can I block all users from adding external links - but only to user pages?

Thank you.


Igottheconch (talk)16:52, 8 May 2013

Extension:AbuseFilter can handle much of anti-spam. I would think it's possible to restrict account creation using CAPTCHA (but I'm not too aware of such a method).

Jasper Deng (talk)21:54, 8 May 2013

thank you so much jasper!

your a good person and good soul. I really appreciate you selflessly helping me.

Its so hard to get help sometimes! I am so thankful for you.

God bless you.

Igottheconch (talk)10:56, 9 May 2013

doesn't work

Hallo The following cod doesn't seem to work.

	require_once( "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/QuestyCaptcha.php");
	$wgCaptchaClass = 'QuestyCaptcha';
	$wgCaptchaQuestions[] = array( 'question' => 'Bitte schreibe, welches Tier das ist (erster Buchstabe groß):<img src="URL replaced!" style="width: 5%;"><a href="http://pastebin.com/8MESqzqh">Infos über das Bild</a>', 'answer' => "Answer replaced!" );
	$wgCaptchaQuestions[] = array( 'question' => 'Bitte schreibe, welches Tier das ist (erster Buchstabe groß):<img src="URL replaced!" style="width: 5%;"><a href="http://pastebin.com/8MESqzqh">Infos über das Bild</a>', 'answer' => "Answer replaced!" );
	$wgCaptchaClass = 'Asirra';

It shows what it should show, but you aren't able to pass the test. When you click submit, you have to pass another of the possible antispam things. Please fix the bug.

Thomas1311 (talk)14:06, 24 April 2013

Sorry but in locale (xampp, vista) confirmEdit doesn't show anything

Hi, I am not very good at PHP but I did what is explained to install confirmEdit, for example adding:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php" );
$wgCaptchaClass = 'Asirra';

into mediawiki/LocalSettings.php

I get no php error when I edit a page, but I don't see anything, nothing is asked to confirm Editing...

I tried to add

echo "HELLO!!!!";

at the end of ConfirmEdit.php and it is executed, I can see it when I did a page.

I tried mediaWiki 1.20 and the corresponding confirmEdit, then I tried mediaWiki 1.19 and the corresponding confirmEdit. Each time, I tried every $wgCaptchaClass possible, and it never worked. So what is the problem my friends ? My mediawiki works perfectly, I don't have any cache activated or even installed on my xampp. This is my config : ApacheFriends XAMPP Portable 1.8.1 + Apache 2.4.3

 + MySQL 5.5.27 (Community Server)
 + PHP 5.4.7 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR 
 + Strawberry Perl Portable
 + Tomcat 7.0.30 
 + phpMyAdmin
 + OpenSSL 1.0.1c
 + ADOdb 5.17
 + XAMPP Control Panel Version 3.1.0 by hackattack142 (Great Thanks!!))
   See: http://www.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=46743
 + XAMPP Security
 + XAMPP mailToDisk 1.0 (write emails via PHP on local disk in <xampp>\mailoutput. Activated in the php.ini as mail default.)

Windows Vista Google Chrome 24

I you have an idea, could you please notice me at acx01b@yahoo.fr, Thank you very much !, 14 February 2013

And how about configuring the triggering? Did you do that? See Extension:ConfirmEdit#Configuration. Note that under the default configuration you have to do test edits with a normal user account, not your sysop user account, to see a captcha. You should also see a captcha when you go to register a new account though.

Harry Wood (talk)19:51, 14 April 2013

Make ConfirmEdit "Messages" more abvious

I'd like to make the messages that confirmEdit produces more obvious so that people understand what's going on. for example, right now after clicking "save page", the user is retured to the same page with the following at the top:

" Warning: You are not logged in. Your IP address will be recorded in this page's edit history. To edit this page, please solve the simple sum below and enter the answer in the box (more info): 94 + 10 = "

I'd like to style that message, ie put a red box around it, make it bigger, and make it clear the changes will not be saved until this action is completed. How can I make these changes? I notice the first half of the message is in a div with the css class of "mw-anon-edit-warning" - so I can style that, but the rest is fairly hard to get access to.

Thanks, 4 October 2011

Edit the according message in the MediaWiki NS. Find it on Special:Allmessages.

Subfader18:50, 4 October 2011

I suggest to add div tag with uniq ID which users can customize with own css.

Unikum15:45, 2 November 2011

To make it more obvious: why not just put the CAPTCHA just above the save button for anonymous users, so it looks like it's a part of the process?

I'm guessing this should work for most installs that merely whitelist/blacklist IPs (which is known in advance) and whitelists certain classes of users (again, known in advance). I think only the most advanced users are using REGEXs to allow certain edits to pass without CAPTCHAing., 26 November 2012

No it's quite common to configure it to only trigger when adding external links (so the edit needs to be submitted before deciding whether or not to show a captcha)

But yes for people setting it to trigger on *all* edits, it would indeed make sense for the captcha to be displayed alongside the 'save' button. I suppose if it was really clever, it would re-arrange the way the form works in accordance with how triggering is configured.

Harry Wood (talk)18:55, 14 April 2013
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