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Woogle4MediaWiki - Social Search for MediaWiki

Release status: beta

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Implementation Search, User activity, Ajax, Special page, Database
Description Woogle4MediaWiki introduces Social search within your Wiki - i.e. let's you collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results. Woogle4MediaWiki replaces MediaWiki's build in search. There is a native PHP implementation for searching the Wiki only (WoogleNative) and an implementation for searching various source via an Integrated Search backend from within your MediaWiki (WoogleRemote).
Author(s) hhappeltalk
Latest version 1.0-RC2 ($Rev: 3844 $)) (2010-04-27)
MediaWiki 1.11+
License GPL
Download http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki
Example http://amazonas.fzi.de/wooglenative/

http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki/Admin manual

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Woogle4MediaWiki replaces MediaWiki's built-in search and improves searching MediaWiki in several ways. There is a native PHP implementation for searching the Wiki only (WoogleNative) and an implementation for searching various data sources via an Integrated Search backend from within your MediaWiki (WoogleRemote). Woogle4MediaWiki thus allows you to search multiple MediaWiki instances (and also other Wiki engines).

Woogle also

  • introduces social search features within your Wiki - i.e. lets you collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results
  • adds a small mouseover information window to "red links" to highlight the demand for that page
  • allows you to receive notifications about changes in the Wiki based on keywords ("WoogleAlerts")
  • provides aggregate search statistics about popular as well as unsatisfied searches

See further information, slidecasts and an online demo at http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki/Decider_manual.

Usage[edit | edit source]

See http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki/User_manual or directly jump to the online demo at http://amazonas.fzi.de/wooglenative/

Download instructions[edit | edit source]

Download Woogle at http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki

Installation[edit | edit source]

see http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki/Admin_manual#Installation

Configuration parameters[edit | edit source]

see http://www.teamweaver.org/wiki/index.php/Woogle4MediaWiki/Admin_manual#Configuration

License[edit | edit source]

Woogle4MediaWiki is available under the GPL. Note however, that Woogle4MediaWiki currently depedends on three external libraries (see Acknowledgements), which use different licenses.

Aknowledgements[edit | edit source]

Used libraries[edit | edit source]

Woogle makes use of the following external code:

We thank those external developers and all contributors to the MediaWiki core.

See also[edit | edit source]

Woogle is related to existing MediaWiki search extensions. Those can be classified into three broad categories:

  1. Search extensions based on external indexing software: Extension:EzMwLucene, Extension:MWSearch (both based on Apache Lucene), Extension:Hyper_Estraier, Extension:SphinxSearch
  2. Search extensions based on external services: Extension:GoogleSiteSearch, Extension:Google_Custom_Search_Engine
  3. Native PHP/self-contained search extensions: Extension:RigorousSearch

Woogle4MediaWiki can be configured to support scenarios 1. and 3.:

  • WoogleRemote uses TeamWeaver Integrated Search (Lucene-based) to deliver results. In contrast to the other Lucene-based extensions, TeamWeaver comes with crawlers for various sources (web, file shares, SVN, CVS, JIRA, Bugzilla) and file types (MS Office, PDF, Source code) which can be searched from the Wiki. WoogleRemote can handle fairly large Wikis.
  • WoogleNative is to our knowledge the first MediaWiki search extension based on Zend Lucene Search - a PHP port of the core Lucene code. Thus, it outperforms most existing native solutions, which are either based on database or brute-force search. However, due to limitations in most PHP environments, WoogleNative will probably not scale for very large MediaWikis such as Wikipedia. In contrast to WoogleRemote, WoogleNative is limited to searching Wiki content only, and can not search in any external data sources.