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Release status: beta

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Description Easily embed OpenStreetMap maps, with marker support.
Author(s) Harry Wood, Jens Frank, Grant Slater, Raymond Spekking, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Christian Becker, Aude and others
License GPL
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As noted on the talk page, "Development on this extension will most likely not continue. You will be better off using Extension:Maps."

The SlippyMap extension allows embedding of slippy maps by bringing in the OpenLayers JavaScript library. It's pluggable so that (with the right configuration) multiple free map sources can be included, but it's being aimed especially at embedding OpenStreetMap maps.

It's a fork of the Slippy Map MediaWiki Extension hosted in OpenStreetMap SVN and is being hacked to allow it to be deployed on Wikimedia projects, but currently a lot of bugs are standing between it and that objective.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Checkout a copy of the SlippyMap extension code to
Add to the LocalSettings.php file
require_once( "$IP/extensions/SlippyMap/SlippyMap.php" );

Note: this extension is under active development, so is not stable.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The extension allows users to embed a slippy map using the following syntax in their wiki code:

<slippymap lat="52.1295" lon="-0.4644" zoom="13" width="400" height="150"/>

Deprecated older syntax like this (support should now be removed):


Users can discover suitable latitude logitude and zoom values by doing the following:

  • Edit the page
  • Use the slippymap syntax with any old values e.g. paste in the above example
  • Doing a preview
  • zoom/pan the right position,
  • Use the 'Get wikicode' button
  • Copy and paste the resulting wiki code into the editing box
  • Save the page

Who's using it?[edit | edit source]

Please add your wiki here! Add it to the top, and feel free to add a link to your favourite article or two.

LinzWiki is a wiki about the Upper Austrian city Linz and uses slippymap to show the location of streets and sights.
Map Kibera
The first complete, free and open map of Kibera, Nairobi
We are beginnig to use this extension, waiting for improvements, and involved in OpenStreetMap community around Pays de Brest (exemple Quartiers de Brest)
This is where this extension originated see 'Slippy Map MediaWiki Extension' page. Currently forked a version of the code in the OSM repo, but trying to re-sync (and swap to using the new syntax - using new syntax.)
Just to let others know where you live, or feed them misinformation... e.g.: Translatewiki:User:Raymond/Kölner Dom. Newish version (latest syntax)
We use OSM & SlippyMap whenever we describe streets, important buildings or sights: [1] (old version old syntax)
We use it for locating our bases and events (example)
We use the maps in the articles of the locations like Münster and at the MapSources special page like this for Innsbruck. The authors can use the OpenStreetMap template to put it to the articles in an easy manner.
Free content collaborative website for hitchhikers from hitchhikers with lots of information on hitchhiking and other alternative ways of transport as well as hitchhiking spots all over the world.
regional wiki for the Altmark, a region in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
Hamm Wiki
Wiki for the City of Hamm, Germany. One SlippyMap for each of the 1.800 streets and for POIs.
regional wiki for the administrative district Ahrweiler, a region in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Eichsfeld Wiki
regional wiki for the historical region eichsfeld, a region in the middle of germany (thuringia, lower saxony and hessen), Germany.
Wiki Val d'Ille
We try to use this extension and involve in OpenStreetMap community on the Communauté de communes.

Development[edit | edit source]

Language: English  • 日本語