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This extension is obsolete!
It has been replaced by the Maps and Semantic Maps extensions.

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Semantic Layers

Release status: experimental

Implementation Tag, Parser function
Description Official site. Integration layer between OpenLayers and Semantic MediaWiki.
Author(s) Matt Williamson, NOAA's National Weather Service
Latest version 0.3b1 (August 2008)
MediaWiki 1.9.x or greater
License GPL
Download SemanticLayer.tar.gz
Example S.L. Dev/Test Wiki

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What can this extension do?[edit | edit source]

Semantic Layers

This extension lets users put interactive OpenLayers maps into MediaWiki pages, and allows users to easily place "markers" (and define a subset of other layer types) on those maps using Semantic MediaWiki attributes and relations. It also takes advantage of the Semantic MediaWiki framework to provide basic, but powerful map-based query capabilities using its Semantic Search syntax.

Usually, OpenLayers and this extension would be used for displaying and interacting with traditional geographic data sets. This extension is of course well suited for such purposes, but OpenLayers is more flexible than that. It allows you to make a "map" out of a simple image, which means that you can use this extension to make rich, interactive, annotated illustrations from any image. This can be useful for such varied applications as annotated video game level maps/walkthroughs, marking up medical diagrams or images, architectural diagrams, or even things like chess diagrams.

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See also[edit | edit source]

  • Maps - Extension that supports multiple mapping services and allows geocoding.
  • Semantic Maps - Adds semantic capabilities to Maps.