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Release status: beta

Implementation Tag
Description TeX to MathML converter.
Latest version 0.4.4 (2006-03-25)
MediaWiki 1.6alpha
License GPL
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Blahtex is a TeX-to-MathML converter intended for use with MediaWiki. It also outputs PNG graphics, much as the current TeX implementation on Wikipedia does.

The original author of blahtex is known in Wikipedia circles as Dmharvey. He released version 0.4.4 (in C++) on 25/Mar/2006. He is no longer actively developing it, but Gilles van Assche has picked up development work at http://gva.noekeon.org/blahtexml/ .

BlahtexWiki[edit | edit source]

Jitse Niesen has been working on a test wiki to demonstrate how blahtex can be integrated into MediaWiki. The aim is for MediaWiki to be able to output MathML in addition to the HTML and PNG graphical output that it can presently do (via texvc). See also /Embedding Blahtex in MediaWiki.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Supports all symbols in TeX, LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX
  • Supports non-ASCII characters (in PNGs, "extended latin", cyrillic and japanese are all ok)
  • Detailed syntax error reporting (not just "syntax error")
  • Knows TeX's spacing rules and generates MathML spacing markup accordingly

How to report bugs[edit | edit source]

Please report bugs here.

Compatibility: lists browsers which have been tested with blahtex and BlahtexWiki. Please add successful configurations and failures here. Note that this information may become out of date due to continuing work on both blahtex and BlahtexWiki.

Syntax: known differences between blahtex and texvc syntax.

Useful resources[edit | edit source]

From the W3C:

Other converters: