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The Extension: namespace holds all information about MediaWiki extensions that we have on this wiki. Use this namespace for your extension documentations but not for anything else!


See also[edit | edit source]

  • [[<tvar|ext>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Extensions</>|Manual:Extensions]] - general overview
  • [[<tvar|project>Special:MyLanguage/Project:WikiProject Extensions</>|Project:WikiProject Extensions]]
  • [[<tvar|requests>Extension requests</>|Extension requests]]
  • [[<tvar|translating>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Translating extensions</>|Manual:Translating extensions]]
  • [[<tvar|ext-distributor>Special:ExtensionDistributor</>|Special:ExtensionDistributor]]
  • Lists of extensions</translate>


    • [[<tvar|matrix>Extension Matrix</>|Extension Matrix]] - an overview of key facts for many extensions.
    • [[<tvar|matrix2>Extension Matrix/AllExtensions</>|Extension Matrix/AllExtensions]] - Tabular display of all extensions (huge!)
    • [[<tvar|allpages>Special:Allpages/Extension:</>|All extension pages]] - an uncategorized list of extensions.
    • [<tvar|svn>http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/extensions</> Extensions in the MediaWiki SVN repository]
    • [[<tvar|meta>m:Category:MediaWiki extensions</>|m:Category:MediaWiki extensions]] - extensions documented in meta, in the process of being moved to MediaWiki.org.
    • [[<tvar|meta2>m:Category:MediaWiki tools</>|m:Category:MediaWiki tools]] - some extensions here too
  • Lists of wikis using an extension</translate>


  • Writing and maintaining extensions</translate>


    • [[<tvar|dev-ext>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Developing extensions</>|Manual:Developing extensions]]
    • [[<tvar|tag-ext>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Tag extensions</>|Manual:Tag extensions]]
    • [[<tvar|parser-ext>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Parser functions</>|Manual:Parser functions]]
    • [[<tvar|special>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Special pages</>|Manual:Special pages]]
    • [[<tvar|template-ext>Special:MyLanguage/Template:Extension</>|Template:Extension]]
    • [[<tvar|maintainer>Special:MyLanguage/Category:Extensions in need of a new maintainer</>|Category:Extensions in need of a new maintainer]] There are always some extensions in need of a new maintainer. Perhaps taking over maintenance of one is a good starting point, too.
    • Source Code: <tvar|src>http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/</> , [[<tvar|git>Special:MyLanguage/Git</>|git]] (link impossible)



Extension users[edit | edit source]

Clicking the link to an extension should hopefully give you all the information you need in order to install/use the extension. If you have any further questions please raise them on the associated talk page, or contact the extension author directly if they have provided a means for you to do so. Do not contact the MediaWiki [[<tvar|dev>Special:MyLanguage/Developers</>|developers]] with questions about third-party extensions!

Extension authors[edit | edit source]

If you have an extension that you want to add to this site, create a new page and add the extension template to the top of it (or [[<tvar|create>Special:Mylanguage/Template:Extension#Create a new extension article</>|create a new extension article]]). This will create a useful infobox and add the template to this category. See [[<tvar|ext>Special:MyLanguage/Template:Extension</>|Template:Extension]] for details. You should also add as much detail as possible to the body of the page, and it is wise to check back fairly regularly to respond to user questions.

Extensions that create new [[<tvar|hooks>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Hooks</>|hooks]] within the extension code should register them on [[<tvar|registry>Extension hook registry</>|extension hook registry]].

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

Some of the extensions listed here may be maintained by people not affiliated with the MediaWiki software development team, and/or unfamiliar with the more intricate points of extension development.

The MediaWiki developers provide no support for third-party add-ons and neither the MediaWiki [[<tvar|dev>Special:MyLanguage/Developers</>|developers]] nor the maintainers of this site give any guarantee about the suitability, functionality, security or indeed any other property of any extension described on this site. Inclusion of an extension on this site is not an endorsement by the MediaWiki developers or the Wikimedia Foundation.

If it is felt that a particular extension published on this web site is being distributed containing vulnerabilities which expose users to cross-site scripting or other vulnerabilities, or which are otherwise insecure, these can and will be deleted with no prior notice.

The provisions of the [[<tvar|disclaimer>Project:General disclaimer</>|general disclaimer]] are maintained. </translate>

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