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MediaWiki API

Quick overview:

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API Access Libraries[edit | edit source]

Notes to library developers

  • Please use GZip compression when making API calls (Accept-Encoding: gzip).
Bots eat up a lot of bandwidth, which is not free.
Please include your username and wiki or email address.
  • You should attempt to minimize the number of API calls by asking for multiple items in one request. Use titles=PageA|PageB|PageC and get all the needed lists and properties at the same time. Only ask for what you actually need.
  • We are planning to migrate to JSON-only API, removing all other formats like XML, YAML, and PHP.
  • When querying, use the new continue parameter. (March 2013)

Bash[edit | edit source]

C++[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

Clojure[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

  • cloki Last updated in 2010.

Common Lisp[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013

  • cl-mediawiki is a Common Lisp wrapper for the mediawiki API. It is available as a direct download, or (more conveniently) via quicklisp. Last updated in 2012.

Delphi/Object Pascal[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

Go[edit | edit source]

  • go-mediawiki Go wrapper for the MediaWiki API
  • go-mwclient another Go wrapper for the MediaWiki API (supports maxlag)

Haskell[edit | edit source]

Java[edit | edit source]

No updates since May 2013:

JavaScript[edit | edit source]

  • https://github.com/macbre/nodemw - Node.js client, actively maintained as of May 2014.
  • mediawiki.api.js - A module that ships with MediaWiki core, abstracts a handful of API calls into simple one liners (uses jQuery.ajax internally).
  • mediawiki-js (npm) Ultra-light, vanilla JavaScript wrapper of Mediawiki API for use in the browser
  • Node.js MediaWiki module - A JavaScript framework of standard requests (e.g. log in, log out, read, edit, etc.) as well as a general wrapper method. Includes some helpful stuff like throttling.
  • WikiJS - a simple node.js library that serves as an interface to MediaWiki

No updates since May 2013:

  • wikifetch
  • mwapilib2 - A layer overtop of the requests. Make JS gadgets easier. Updated 2012.
  • JsMwApi A convenience wrapper around raw requests, with some helpers for editing and parsing.

.NET[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

  • WikiAccess - a C#-library that makes some API functions accessible, has write API. Last updated April 2013.

OCaml[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

Perl[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

PHP[edit | edit source]

There are many PHP frameworks for the api, see here for a full list and comparison of frameworks.

  • Apibot - a modular, somewhat ambitious bot with overlayed UNIX-like framework
  • wikibase-api - Library for querying Wikidata, actively maintained as of May 2014.
  • wikidrain - A wrapper for the WikiMedia API centralized around easily and simply querying Wikipedia articles. (Still actively being developed as of April 2014)
  • MediaWiki_Api - A simple PHP curl based API wrapper with basic functionality. Almost completely undocumented.
  • Wikimate - Gets and edits MediaWiki pages.

No updates after May 2013:

  • SxWiki - a lightweight, simple MediaWiki bot framework. (Unmaintained since 2008)

Python[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

Ruby[edit | edit source]

No updates after May 2013:

Comparing clients[edit | edit source]

API:Client code/Gold standard describes best practices for web API client libraries.

A support-matrix of many of the actively developed packages from this page for some of the more used API features can be found on the Wikia API Wiki. (19 May 2014; note this has not been updated since 2011.)

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